Japanese Government Bond Yields, 3-Month Bills (JGBs), News

If interested in charting out Japanese Government Bond Yields and Bills here are a few Bloomberg.com links. Tweak the numbers in the url for more years and months. These rates will probably coincide with inflation, deflation and/or growth going forward. Visit this page for a full list of JGB yields and prices, as well as a chart of the yield curve and Bank of Japan Rate. The Nikkei 225 is currently down 1% at 9,545, 9,000 is support (charts).

Japan 3-Month Bill Yield
Japan 2-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 5-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 10-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 20-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 30-Year Government Bond Yield

Some news..
Bank of Japan Expected to Hold Rate Steady - WSJ
Sell Japan Bonds, Buy Stocks on Recovery, Musha Says - BusinessWeek
Japan finance minister warns again on yen strength - MarketWatch link
Japan's Debt Is So High, It Doesn't Even Fit On The Charts - Business Insider link
China Buys $5.3 Billion of Japanese Bonds in June, Set for Annual Record - Bloomberg.com link
Current-Account Surplus Unexpectedly Narrows in Sign Economy Is Slowing - Bloomberg link
Japanese Stocks Fall as Dollar Slides on Hiring Data, Goldman Cuts Oulook - Bloomberg link