10Y Greek Bond Yield/Bund Spread Elevated, CDS 894bps, 3M Yield Plummets

Technical sovereign debt update for Greece. The Greek 10-year Government Bond Yield (11.324%) is in a steep uptrend and close to the May high. The Greek 3-month Bond Yield (4.72%) plummeted, so the yield curve just got steeper. More.. The 10y Greek Bond/German Bund (2.34%) spread widened and Greek 5y CDS (credit default swap) is in a symmetrical triangle inflection point, at 894bps (close to highs). The outlier is the 3-month Yield. Thoughts? People still think Greece will default or have to restructure (Do not fall for talk of European solvency - FT.com). More articles and Bloomberg charts after the jump.

10-Year Greek Government Bond | 10-Year German Bond (Bund)
GGGB10YR:INDGDBR10:IND at Bloomberg.com

10Y Greek Government Bond Yield

10Y Greek Government Bond Yield (watch steep uptrend support line closely)

Greece CDS USD 5Y (watch symmetrical triangle, big default *risk* decision forming
CGGB1U5:IND at Bloomberg.com

3M Greek Government Bond Yield 
GGGB3M:IND at Bloomberg.com

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