Flying Car Update, NextGen Terrafugia "Transition" Videos 9/30/2010

Get ready for the modern day flying car by Terrafugia for personal air travel. Don't tell me this personal $TRAN trend won't catch on, assh&%#! Hat tip to @p357 for this Fast Company article yesterday. I blogged about Terrafugia last year with videos from their first flight, the press conference and a Fox News interview.

Also info from a johntheadams youtube.
"The Terrafugia® Transition® Flying Car is Here! If you have a regular state-issued drivers license you can obtain an FAA Sports License with no medical exam. Cruising air speed: about 115 MPH (100 Knots). Speed on the ground: 65 MPH. Range: 450 Miles. And YES, it even has an INTEGRATED PARACHUTE that can protect both you AND the aircraft! Price: $190K ($10K deposit held in escrow)."
Recent press releases form their website:

September 8, 2010: "Flying Car" Company Moves into Initial Production Facility (PDF)

July 25, 2010: "Flying Car" Moves Closer to First Delivery (PDF)

See new videos below.