George Soros on Gold's Bubble, "Blah" U.S. Economy, China (Video)

Billionaire George Soros, who runs (or used to run) billions at Soros Fund Management, spoke with Reuters about the "blah" U.S. economy, double dip recession risk, fiscal restraints, effectiveness of quantitative easing ("if there's no demand [for the money], it won't be used"), China's explosive growth, the undervalued Yuan, Euro, Japanese Yen intervention and the gold bubble.

Soros on Gold and safe assets: (Reuters Video, 1:18)

"Well this is a period of great uncertainty so nothing is very safe"

"Gold is the only actual bull market currently, just made a new high I think yesterday. In the present circumstances that may continue. Although, it will be very interesting to see whether there will be a decline in the next few weeks because practically everything that makes a new high almost immediately afterwords reverses and disappoints the bulls"

"But I called gold the ultimate bubble, which means that it may be going higher, but it certainly is not safe, and it's not going to last forever"

Soros sums up the U.S. economy in one word: "Blah" (mentions double dip recession risk and effectiveness of more stimulus) (Reuters Video, 2:45) Soros: Japan "right to intervene" (Reuters Video, 1:09) Soros: China the winner after crash (Reuters Video, 5:06) Soros: Chinese "saved the Euro" (Reuters Video, 3:58)