Gold, S&P vs. Dollar Correlation Back On In September (DXZ, GCZ, ESZ)

Below is a 6 month chart comparing the December Gold Future (GCZ), December E-Mini S&P future (ESZ) and the December US Dollar future (DXZ). They trade overnight. In the beginning of September, Gold pushed away from the US Dollar and moved in tandem with the S&P to the upside.

The "real" crew appears to be back. Since March of this year Gold significantly outperformed the S&P. We'll see if this correlation continues in October. Overnight the Dollar is rallying, ES is down and Gold is down. The S&P and Gold need upside confirmation here after their huge September runs (imo). You can see what a correlation retracement would look like on the chart. The December Dollar Future needs to take out 80 resistance. Charts after the jump.

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 Charts courtesy of optionsxpress