Gunman James Lee In DiscoveryTV Building Holding Hostages (Video, Links)

This hostage situation in the Discovery Channel building (Maryland) has been going on for hours now. James Lee is holding a "small" number of people hostage. Watch the live video stream below for real-time information via First, read the initial incident.

"Money-throwing protester gets probation, fine
California man would face jail if he comes within 500 feet of Discovery building" (

VIDEO: James Lee Throwing Cash In The Air During Earlier Stunt At Discovery Channel (

That was "Wave 1", now for "Wave 3"..

Police respond to hostage case at Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring (Washington Post)

Hostages taken at US Discovery Channel HQ by man with 'metallic cannister devices' and handgun, "suspect has staged long online campaign against TV channel and been arrested previously" *see a picture of this dude holding a save the planet sign. (Vancouver Sun)

There's A Hostage Situation At Discovery Channel HQ (Business Insider)

Demands Of The Discovery Channel Hostage Taker (manifesto from his site (BusinessInsider)

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UPDATE: Police kill Discovery building gunman (