Links: LA Port Traffic, Pimco's Deflation Bet, China CDS, TARP Deadbeats, Yen Intervention (USD/JPY, Nikkei Charts)

Pimco Makes $8.1 Billion Bet Against `Lost Decade' of Deflation - Bloomberg (h/t Morgan_03)

LA Port Traffic in August: Imports Surge, Exports down year-over-year - Calculated Risk (h/t credittrader)

China to Allow Credit-Default Swaps With Restrictions - BusinessWeek

Flagstar ($FBC) seeking $600 million share sale: report - Reuters

TARP Deadbeat Bank List Tops 120 in August - SeekingAlpha

Japan Intervenes for First Time Since 2004 to Rein in Yen - Bloomberg

Nikkei 225 (NKY) @ 9,528
USD/JPY (US Dollar in Japanese Yen) @ 84.85

and see a "self-propagating, feedback-looping, confused fractal tick chart" at Zero Hedge