Video: Stephen Colbert's Opening Statement Before House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigrant Farm Workers (9/24/2010)

GLD is up 0.36%/$126.75 (oh btw: RT @Livevol_Pro: $GLD Jan'11 130 $call's purchased 20,000x), SPY is up 1.89%/$114.63 and UUP (US Dollar) is down 0.95%/$22.99, so why not take a break and watch Stephen Colbert testify before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and Border Security (from C-SPAN 9/24/10 coverage). He was also asked to leave before giving his statement (video #1). Weird day today on Capital Hill, haha. More on this hearing from CSPAN. Videos are after the jump.
"Witnesses spoke about the American agricultural sector's reliance on foreign, and often undocumented, workers to pick fruit and vegetables on America's farms. Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert appeared in character to testify. Mr. Colbert was part of a United Farm Workers campaign calling on unemployed Americans to take jobs in the agriculture sector. As part of the program he spent a day laboring at a vegetable farm in New York in August 2010."