Wall Street 2's Shia LaBeouf Interviewed, Had Dinner at Soros's House

Shia LaBeouf was interviewed by Aaron Task at Tech Ticker and said he turned 20k into 650k when he started trading at a Schwab office in California. The movie comes out tomorrow in theaters. I found a video on the Wall Street 2 Youtube channel with Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), Shia LaBeouf and Josh Brolin talking about credit default swaps at dinner, lol.

Here's a quote from Shia LaBeouf from the Tech Ticker interview. Oliver Stone was also on there.

"Went to George Soros' house for dinners. Hung out with Donald Trump and talked about real estate," he says. "I'd hang out with Jim Chanos. Nouriel Roubini was like my closest friend through all of this." (source: Tech Ticker, video after the jump)

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