10y AAA General Obligation Muni Bonds Yield 2.65%, Watch Treasury Spread

No credit or interest rate worries yet for the 10y AAA tax exempt General Obligation bond index as of 10/1/2010. According to Bloomberg though, New Jersey just sold bonds above this yield. If you're interested in actively watching this space, monitor the downtrend line on the chart for a potential breakout in yields. Also, watch out for State bailouts.

Regarding interest rate spreads, QE2 is your friend until the end. Check out the yield spread between the AAA GO 10y Muni Bond Index and 10Y Treasuries. AAA 10y Muni's yield 2.65% and 10y Treasury Notes yield 2.51%, a 0.14 spread. The municipal bond index is from Municipal Market Advisers.

Snapshot of AAA General Obligation 10y MMA at Bloomberg.com

AAA 10y GO Muni Bond Index Yield / 10y Treasury Yield (10y at Bloomberg)