Financial Research Updates (10/25/2010-10/30/2010) | powerLINKS

powerLINKS: Halloween Edition (*updated links 10/31/2010 5:48pm)

Rescuing Suburbia - The Oil Drum (presentation by Mr. Jeff Vail from ASPO-USA 2010 Peak Oil Conference)

Gold, Energy, and the Problem of Capital Storage by Gregor Macdonald (@gregormacdonald) -

Japan Will Be on the Brink of Recession in 2011 (Macquarie Securities) - CNBC

The J.P. Morgan View: Get Ready for Some Fire Works. $SPY, $AAPL - Hedge Analyst

Chart of the Week: Money Market Mutual Funds - VIX and More

Pimco's Mohamed El-Erian on CNBC, thinks Greece defaults by 2013 - Buttonwood Conference

Pimco's Bill Gross on CNBC (says Fed a ponzi scheme in investment letter)

World's richest man, Carlos Slim, tells U.S. to sell assets - Financial Post

Paul Tudor Jones’ Latest Letter To Investors (In Full) - Deal Breaker

Richard Koo: Why Ponzi Finance Has Always Failed - Pragmatic Capitalism

Special Report: A Marshall Plan for America's housing woes (by Matt Goldstein) - Reuters

The Next Battle in Foreclosure Mess: Title Insurers - Reuters

Doug Kass: QE 2 Is a Con Game - TheStreet.Com

Fed Easing Is Likely to Start With $500 Billion: Abby Joseph Cohen (Goldman Sachs Strategist) - CNBC

Triple Down: Fannie, Freddie, and the Triumph of the Corporate State - Chris Whalen of Institutional Risk Analytics (IRA website or zero hedge).

Also just reported from his Twitter account (@rcwhalen): "Presentation today at the UVA Darden School: "Understanding and Profiting from the Next Banking Crisis""

Michael Pento on CNBC 10/29/2010

Rick Santelli on USD/JPY decade lows (Yen highs) - CNBC Video

Commitment Of Traders (COT) Reports: Treasuries vs. US Dollar Index Longs - Zero Hedge

Unofficial Problem Bank list increases to 894 Institutions - Calculated Risk

Hugh Hendry on BBC - Paul Kedrosky's blog

and updates by Goldman (re: GDP), David Rosenberg (Chief Economist at Gluskin Sheff), John Taylor (FX Concepts $10B currency hedge fund and CLSA's Chris Wood on ZH.