Hussman: Market is Overvalued With Economy Slowing (10/3)

John Hussman, who runs the Hussman Funds, put out a new market comment on October 4 titled "Economic Measures Continue to Slow". He still believes the market is overvalued based on Shiller's P/E ratio.
"At a Shiller P/E of 21 and a historical peak-to-peak S&P 500 earnings growth rate of 6%, a simple reversion to the historical (non-bubble) Shiller norm of 14 would require seven years of earnings growth and yet zero growth in prices. Stocks are not cheap here."

He also talked about the ISM and Fed Indices, ECRI Weekly Leading Index, dividend payout ratio vs. operating earnings growth, and how he views "current market conditions as something of a Ponzi game"! The most interesting part was on his hedges. Read the full comment here.