Marc Faber on Bonds, Stocks, US Dollar, Interest Rates and Commodities (10/12/2010)

Marc Faber, who writes the Gloom Boom & Doom report, made some big calls yesterday in this Bloomberg article yesterday. In summary he said: The US Dollar Gains on higher interest rates (which "begin to rise within about three months"), buy stocks and sell bonds. His reasoning? The Fed printing money. Read the article. Also, Faber said in this SFGate/Bloomberg article that the turning point would also "mark declines in commodity prices".

However, according to this Business-Intelligence Middle East article on 10/11/2010, Faber said in his October report that there could be a stock market correction in October/November.
"Writing in the October edition of The Gloom Boom & Doom report, Faber says the Fed will start printing money again and that would create a negative sentiment driving markets down. He doesn’t however see a threat to the March 2009 lows."
So does the Bloomberg article trump this article? Maybe the fun begins in December after a correction. Tech Ticker interview?