Niall Ferguson vs. Keynes, US Steel on Manufacturing Crisis, Cotton Makes New High - powerLINKS (10/24/2010)

powerLINKS for 10/24/2010

Harvard's Niall Ferguson was at the The Daily Beast's Innovators Summit in New Orleans on 10/22/2010. Watch the full video at Zero Hedge. This was an interesting quote:
"We've had an enormous of stimulus in the US, it's the biggest fiscal stimulus in the world, and huge unprecedented monetary stimulus. What's been stimulated? Not jobs in Michigan. What's been stimulated has been commodity markets and emerging markets. Because the liquidity just leaks out, and that's why another round of stimulus would not stimulate in the promised way." [link]
*Michigan's unemployment rate is at 13% and the cotton future tripled since early 2009.

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