Links: Harrisburg Rehab, Hendry's Bet, Lennar, Flash Crash Report, Corn, Knight Capital, Tea Bubble

powerLiNkS for 10/1/2010. Enjoy the weekend.

IShares LQD Crashed 11 Points In Seconds This Morning (LQD) - Hedge-> (@sellputs)

Harrisburg, Pa., to seek distressed city status - Reuters

Mayor Linda Thompson seeks 'distressed' status for Harrisburg - PennLive

*Hugh Hendry's $2 Billion Short - King World News

Lennar Acquires Distressed Real-Estate Assets - WSJ

Privately held Facebook in 5-for-1 stock split - Reuters

Facebook IPO likely after late 2012 - board member - Reuters

Report: Algorithm Set Off 'Flash Crash' Amid Stressed Market - WSJ

CME Refutes SEC's Entire 104 Page W&R Scapegoating Drivel In Two Simple Paragraphs - Zero Hedge

A Single Sale Worth $4.1 Billion Led to the ‘Flash Crash’ - New York Times

Knight Capital Lays Off 8% of Workforce - Dealbreaker/Charlie Gasparino

Yahoo Exodus Leaves Advertisers Confused About Strategy, Sales - Advertising Age

Corn Heads for Biggest Weekly Decline in Nine Months as U.S. Stocks Swell - Bloomberg

Connecticut puts 2nd BlackRock portfolio on watch - Pensions & Investments

'Tea bubble' brews in China -