JPM's Lee Bullish on October, Kass, QQQ Pullback, U.S. Auto Sales, Stiglitz on Euro, Rosenberg on Q4 GDP

Articles for 10/3/2010-10/4/2010 (more articles after the jump)

Kass: Quantitative Wheezing -

David Rosenberg: GDP Could see negative 4th Quarter vs. John Ryding (also read the Breakfast With Dave report this morning)

Dealbreaker Sales Talks: A Hot Market for Blogs - Dealbook

Bank of America Chief Technical Strategist Anticipates 10-12% Pullback In Nasdaq - Zero Hedge (QQQQ, NDX)

Rare Earth Mineral Prices Explode In Q3 - Zero Hedge (China/Japan trade dispute)

Nomura Joins Goldman In Saying QE Is Priced In, That It's No Longer Safe To Buy Treasuries - Business Insider (TLT)

U.S. Auto Sales Mark Slow Recovery - Zacks Investment Research (Wall Street Pit)

WTF is going on here? Foreclosure Crisis: 23 States Halt Foreclosure As Officials Review Bank Practices - ABC News (Bank 'Robo-Signers' Apparently Reviewed Thousands of Foreclosures a Week)

Joseph Stiglitz sees bleak future for euro as New Malaise takes hold - Daily Telegraph ($FXE, EUR)

One on One with Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz - PBS Nightly Report

The Foreclosure Mills: How This Could Really Hurt the Housing Market - CBS Moneywatch

Cities in Debt Turn to States, Adding Strain - NYT

Hedge Funds Cut Bullish Natural-Gas Bets Most Since August: Energy Markets - Bloomberg

JP Morgan's Thomas Lee Bullish on equities in October - Bloomberg

Art Cashin: Markets Could See 'a Real Reversal' (if 1150-1160 breaks) - CNBC Video

Citigroup, Ally Sued for Racketeering Over Database - Bloomberg

U.S. credit-card crackdown likely to have impact in Canada - Globe (U.S. DoJ v. AMEX)

Google TV to launch with content from Amazon, Netflix but not major TV networks - LA Times

(Uh oh.) Korans burnt in West Bank mosque attack - Reuters

UK banks could need 2011 bail-out, warns New Economics Foundation - Telegraph Finance

U.S. Office Rent Decline Slowed in Third Quarter, Reis Says - Bloomberg

#newtwitterceo - Twitter Blog

TIAA-CREF Investing in FARM LAND - Zero Hedge

Alstom to Cut 4,000 Jobs in Scaleback of Fossil-Fuel Operation - Bloomberg

Why The Hong Kong Property Bubble Could Keep Going For A Long, Long Time - Business Insider

China earmarks $5bn fund for Greek Ship Owners - Lloyds List

The Housing Death Spiral Means A Mammoth One In Five Borrowers Will Default - Money Game

Super-Rich Investors Stocking Up Gold by the Ton - CNBC