SPY/SLV Double Dip is Here, SPY/GLD Next? ($SPX, $INDU Silver, Gold Ratios)

Check this out folks. SPY/SLV is testing the 2009 low RIGHT NOW! Will SPY/GLD follow suit? SPY/GLD is trading below the moving average death cross (50dma below 200dma) and appears to be in a descending triangle. Could we see a Prechter "Dow 2000" equivalent in the Dow:Gold ratio (1.486 from .182*8.17 using .182*11,000=2,000? Or will we actually see the ratio trade at 0.50 ($INDU 2,000/$GOLD 4,000). What do you think. Charts courtesy of StockCharts.com.

SPY/SLV (S&P 500 ETF/iShares Silver ETF)


$INDU (Dow Jones Industrial Average/$GOLD (Continuous Future)