US Dollar Future Flash Crash or Capitulation? Prints 74.60 Low, Yen Running Higher (DXZ, JPZ, UUP, FXY)

Someone or a currency bot decided to pierce through October support in the December US Dollar Index Future (DXZ10) and print a low of 74.60. More on that print here, here and here. Short covering bots quickly rallied the almighty Dollar back to unchanged territory. It is now rolling over post G20 meeting (Dollar sell-off resumes after G20, eyes on Fed). Was that a flash crash or legit capitulation? Why are we seeing this happen in SPY and the Dollar Future during after hours? Watch 76.33 support which was the actual low on 10/15/2010. The Yen is making new highs as well. Watch that rising trend line. Charts after the jump. This week will be interesting.

Japanese Yen Dec Future (JYZ)

US Dollar December Index Future DXZ (2 days - 1 min)
Flash crash or capitulation?

DXZ10 45 days - 30 min

Longer term (clear support and trends to watch)
Charts courtesy of OptionsXpress