List of Government Bond Yields, Credit Spreads, Volatility Indexes

Here are useful indicators to watch during the financial mortgage put-back conflict or any upcoming sovereign debt (or bank) black swan events. I also linked to other interesting indicators at For a list of sovereign and corporate (including U.S. and European bank) CDS (credit default swap) quotes, go here.

Japanese Government Bond Yields (3-month bills to 30-year bonds)
European Government Bond Spreads to German Bunds (list)
10-year Greek Government Bond Yield (switch the number in the quote for a different year)
10-year U.S. Treasury Bond Yield
10-year UK Government Bond Yield
10-year Italian Government Bond Yields
6-month Italy Bots Treasury Bill
10-year Spanish Government Bond Yield
10-year Portuguese Government Bond Yield
10-year Irish Government Bond Yield
10-year French Government Bond Yield
10-year Chinese Government Bond Yield

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Corporate Bond Yield Indexes
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Corporate Bond Option-Adjusted Spreads
Moody's Corporate Bond Yield Indexes
Bond Buyer Municipal Bond Yield Indexes

JPMorgan G7 Currency Volatility
Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index (VKNY)
Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Volatility Index VSTOXX (V2X)
CBOE Gold ETF Volatility Index (GLD VIX)
CBOE NDX Volatility Index (VXN, Nasdaq 100 VIX)
Hang Seng Volatility Index (VHSI)
Merrill Lynch MOVE Index (1-month Treasury Implied Volatility, yield curve weighted)
HSBC Financial Clog Index (TED Spread, LIBOR-OIS, Financial CDS Spreads, Agency Mortgage Credit Spreads and VIX all in one index equal weighted).