Ireland Credit Default Swap Hits Record (586bps), Portugal In Play, Greece Has Highest Default Probability, U.S. 5yr CDS Widens

Sovereign Credit Update: The cost of 5-year insurance on Ireland Government bonds hit a new record of 586 basis points (5.86% to protect $10 million annually). 586.85bps was the 5-year mid spread. Portugal CDS rose 4.51% to 441.29bps and, although demonstrably lower than EU CDS spreads, U.S. 5-year CDS were up 6.18% at 41.79bps. Greece was at the top of CMA's sovereign "Highest Default Probability" list at 52.39% with a 857.84bps mid spread (8.57%). Ireland was in third place at 40.08% and Portugal sixth place at 32%. See table snapshots and articles below > >

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