Jim Chanos on China; It Is Using Price Controls to Tame Inflation (11/17/2010) FXI, SSEC)

Jim Chanos, who runs hedge fund Kynikos Associates and is openly bearish China, was on Fortune TV on 11/12/2010. He's been bearish on China for a while now. See his presentation from last year. China is enacting price controls to tame inflation (CPI +4.4% in October). $SSEC, the Shanghai Composite Index, is right above the 50 and 200 day moving average (chart). Video after the jump.

China to auction state sugar reserves to curb price rises - Gov.cn (Chinese Government website)
Chinese government announces guidelines to tame price rises - Gov.cn
China targets liquidity to cool inflation - Gov.cn
China imposes price controls to stave off inflation - CNN Money
Chinese consumers blame US as prices spiral up - AFP
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