Reads: Soros Gold Holdings, Louise Yamada on Technicals, Eurozone Crises, Jim Rogers (11.23.2010)

Powerlinks for 11/24/2010

Louise Yamada (technical analyst) - Caution on the Stock Market - KingWorldNews (11/23/2010)

Howard Lindzon and Jim Rogers on

Poverty Soars in California -

Soros says conditions "pretty perfect" for gold - Reuters (11/16/2010)

Soros Gold Bubble Expanding as ETP Holdings Increase - Bloomberg (11/22/2010)
As of 9/30/2010 Soros Fund Management sold 10.44% of $GLD SPDR Gold Trust (still top position), bought $NG Novagold (#5 position), held $KG Kinross Gold (#11 position),  bought $IAU iShares Comex Gold (#13) and sold 8.07% of $ANV NovaGold (#18) [institutional holdings search at]
Facebook Derivatives: Wall Street Goes Rogue-er - Infectious Greed

Jim Rogers: Ireland should go bankrupt! - RussiaToday

Ireland Risks Bank Run, El-Erian Says: Tom Keene - Bloomberg

S&P Cuts Ireland Ratings On Growing Debt To Prop Up Banks - WSJ

Ireland to take Bank of Ireland stake - MarketWatch

Budget will not be held earlier than planned, says Cowen -

EU urges feuding Irish not to delay budget - Reuters

Spain and Portugal under fire as bond spreads hit record - Telegraph

Merkel Points to `Serious' Bailout Risk as Spanish Bonds Drop - Bloomberg

A Dangerous Bubble Is Emerging In China (dot-com) by Shaun Rein - Forbes

Contrarian sees salvation in U.S. Treasuries (Gary Shilling) - Globe and Mail

Notorious B.I.Ggs (Barton Biggs) Says Next Move in Stocks May Be `Up a Lot': Video - Bloomberg

Caterpillar Sets Yuan Bond - WSJ (2-year 1 Billion Yuan issue ($150.6MM)

Updates by John Taylor (FX Concepts), David Rosenberg (Gluskin Sheff) and Chris Wood (CLSA) @

Hamtramck (in Detroit) can avoid bankruptcy with loan options, State says - Detroit Free Press (11/18/2010)

Appaloosa's Tepper stocked up on tech in third qtr - Reuters (11/12/2010)