Doug Kass 2011 Forecast, Sees Secular and Cyclical Headwinds (Video)

Doug Kass (@dougkass) of Seabreeze Partners thinks the economic recovery and market rally will be short lived. A big portion of it is "recession fatigue", he said. He's also going against consensus estimates. Here are the headwinds he sees affecting the economy. Video after the jump.

Secular headwinds: Fiscal imbalances, inevitability of higher marginal tax rates, excess housing inventory, gridlock/reluctance to address the deficit, structural increase in unemployment.

Cyclical headwinds: Rising interest rates, inflation, rising commodities like oil (and agricultural commodities), corporate profit margins are at a 57 year high and are vulnerable to mean regression, sees less top line growth, and I think he said "some reversal in wage deflation".

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