Einhorn's Presentation On Why He's Short St. Joe Vs. Bruce Berkowitz Who Owns 30% ($JOE)

St. Joe ($JOE) Valuation War/David Einhorn vs. Bruce Berkowitz: David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital thinks $JOE is worth $650-950 million or $7-10 per share and needs to take significant impairment charges. It closed at $21.27 today. St. Joe is the largest private land owner in the State of Florida with 577,000 acres of land. Einhorn gave a detailed presentation at the Value Investing Congress on 10/13/2010 on why he was short. View the 138 slide presentation PDF ("Field of Schemes: If You Build It, They Won't Come") here. To your left is a snapshot of the 134th slide (click for larger view). MarketFolly.com also embedded the speech audio.

On the bullish side, Bruce Berkowitz of Fairholme Capital (Fairholme Fund/$FAIRX) owns 29% of the company and is extremely bullish. He gave reasons why in a Morningstar interview on 5/29/2009. He said the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (Southwest hub) will be the upside catalyst for the company and surrounding area. More from the Morningstar interview:
"Really this company should be more a liquidating trust. I think a private real estate family would love to get their hands on this company to keep them busy for 50, 75 years"

and he recently told Reuters via Business Insider
"if we were able, we would buy the whole company"

St. Joe articles and $JOE stock chart after the jump. Will it crack the downtrend line or proceed to 7 smackers?

$JOE (Saint Joe Company) - Courtesy of FreeStockCharts.com

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