Jim Rogers At 2011 Reuters Investment Outlook Summit (Video)

Jim Rogers was at the 2011 Reuters Investment Outlook Summit. I embedded part #1 after the jump. He said:

*Prices of everything are going up, BLS numbers are fraudulent
*Commodity prices will move higher on shortages and money printing (if economy gets worse)
*Betting against Treasuries
*Expects interest rates to go "much much higher" over next few years (article)
*More optimistic on agricultural commodities
*World is running out of known reserves of oil
*Federal Reserve needs to go, says don't listen to Bernanke
*Ireland and their banks should go bankrupt, don't put bailout expense on tax payers
*Iceland went bankrupt and now they're booming
*U.S. might have another lost decade
*Don't get an MBA, become a farmer
*Worried about a bubble in urban coastal real estate in China, price bubble NOT credit bubble
*He owns the Euro right now as bailouts continue (Euro is doomed in long term)
*Favors investing in Asia (largest creditor nations)

Jim Rogers, CEO Rogers Holdings Pt 1 (8:17) (Reuters Videos)
Jim Rogers, CEO Rogers Holdings Pt 2 (6:41)
Jim Rogers, CEO Rogers Holdings Pt 3 (4:56)
Jim Rogers, CEO Rogers Holdings Pt 4 (10:36)

Jim Rogers was recently interviewed by Howard Lindzon on StockTwitsTV (video here)