Meredith Whitney Talks Munis On CNBC After 60 Minutes Interview (12/21/2010)

Meredith Whitney was on CNBC yesterday responding to all of the ruckus over her 60 Minutes appearance. She put more fuel on the fire. She thinks the U.S. sees "social unrest" as Governments "lay off 1-2 million people over the next 18 months" and municipal bonds see "indiscriminate selling" as major credits default (reorganize). On a positive note, Meredith thinks a sell off will provide buying opportunities for quality muni credits. S&P and $7 billion municipal bond fund manager Ben Thompson disagrees with her bearish views. Watch the CNBC clip after the jump. Thoughts?

Also check out this muni blog I came across and read this counterpoint "Meredith Whitney Overreaches in Muni Default Call: Joe Mysak" (