Reads: China Raises Rates, Einhorn on U.S. Rates, Jim O'Neill Bullish on U.S. Economy (GSAM)

Links for 12/26/2010 - hat tip Twitter stream

Lehman 'prophet' (David Einhorn) fears second crisis if US interest rates are kept low - The Telegraph

Goldman Asset Management chairman Jim O'Neill bets on the US - The Telegraph

1) China Increases Interest Rates to Curb Its Fastest Inflation in Two Years - Bloomberg

2) China Rate Increases in 2011 May Be Front-Loaded as Inflation Accelerates - Bloomberg (Reuters)

The economic outrage of 2010: Cowardly leaders failed to help working people -- and coddled the rich - Joe Stiglitz - NY Daily News

Bolivian Govt raises petrol price by 73 per cent - New Zealand Herald

And, what's going on here.. Icahn Sued by Blockbuster Creditor Over Conversion of Equity - Bloomberg