Updates: Greece Bailout?, Faber at Japan CLSA Forum, VW Profit Falls, February Payroll Preview, Brazil Stocks, Real, US Unemployment Benefits and China Labor Shortage

Bernanke Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to Congress (2/24/2010)

Hedge Funds Bearish On Euro, German Banks Speak (XEU/USD, XEU/XJY, XEU/GOLD)

Live Hawaii Tsunami Coverage Ustream Video (CBS KGMB)

Tsunami Warning for Hawaii and Alaska (NOAA), Chile/Japan Earthquakes

Obama Bipartisan Health Reform Panel, Business Roundtable (Videos)

S&P Under 50DMA, TLT and 30-Year Yield At Make Or Break Point (SPX, SPY, TLT, TYX)

Municipal Crisis Is Spreading, Updates on Distressed Munis | February, 2010

Read: UBS Pound Foreast 1.48, Soros on China, Rosenberg on FHA, GGP/Brookfield, SEC Curbs Short Selling, Fed Keeping Rates Low, Zero Hedge vs. RBS, $SPY Quant Algo, Aiko Toyoda Statement Video

PIIGS, Goldman and Shanghai Index All Below Their 200 Day Moving Average

Shia LaBeouf, Wall Street 2 Jimmy Kimmel Interview, Schwab Training and People Busted For Insider Trading On Twitter

EUR/USD at Primero Downtrend Resistance 1.3636, Decision Imminent (Chart Continuation or Breakout)

CME Chairman Melamed Sees Bubble In Equities Not Commodities, Likes US Dollar Over Euro (Fox Business)

Is Bloom Box An Energy Revolution? (60 Minutes Video)

Abby Cohen Still Thinks S&P Fair Value is 1250-1300 (Video), Likes Technology, Commodities and Sees M&A or Share Repurchases With Cash On Hand

Large $FXE Volume, Option Trade, USDX, Golden Crosses and Sunday Action (EUR/USD, $USDX, FXE, XAU/USD, Gold Continuous Contract, GLD)

Soros Owns a Sh*t Ton Of $GLD (Gold ETF), Doubles Down Ending 12/31/2009 Q4 Holdings Report

The Onion: "Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion"

Peter Schiff in 2006 on Debt Ceiling, Housing and Gold, "If Things Were So Great We Wouldn't Be Raising Debt Ceiling" (CNBC/Bloomberg Videos)

Update: Restaurant Stocks, Basicland to Sorrowland (Munger), Volcker On Retirement Age, 20th Bank Failure of 2010, CPI Inflation, Mortgage Delinquency Rate Falls, Brevan Howard Not Short Greece CDS, Tiger Woods Apology Video

Technical Outlook by John Murphy, on China, Europe 200 Day Moving Average

Euro, US Dollar, Gold Move On Fed Discount Rate Decision (Analysis on EUR/USD, XAU/USD, Charts, Video)

Text: Fed Raises Discount Rate From .50% to .75%, Discount/Fed Funds Spread Now 1/2 Percent, 30Y Treasury Yield Attempting To Break Out

Joe Stack Flew Plane Into Austin Echelon Building (Videos/Manifesto Text)

Updates: AIG Keeps Derivatives, Ackman Grand Slam, Toyota Corolla Steering, State Pension Shortfall, Israel/Britain, Google Buzz Lawsuit, Fake French Wine, Goldman Sues Fleeing Brokers, Greece, Law Firms, IMF Gold Sale, Botnets

Inside Look at Goldman Sachs, Gods Work (PBS Videos)

Stiglitz: Banks That Were Saved By Countries Are Now Attacking Them!

FOMC Minutes Release For January 27 Meeting, Yields Rose (Released 2/17/2010)

Update: Unemployment vs. Insured, MZM/M2 Velocity, Treasury Securities Held at Commercial Banks (H/T Full Carry, AC)

Pricing Nuclear Bomb Risk (VIX), Take a Look Back at Hiroshima (Video)

Bill Gross/Pimco February 2010 Investment Outlook: Ring of Fire

Engdahl, Economist in Germany On Greece Fiscal Debt Crisis, Deficit-to-GDP and Complex Derivatives (Video)

Bomb Exploded Outside JP Morgan Branch In Athens, Greece (Links)

IYT, SPY, DIA Set To Test 50 Day Moving Average, Gold Was Tell Last Night

Gary Shilling: Dollar To Hit Parity With Euro, Risk of New Market Low (Videos)

February Minutes From Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

$XAU/USD (Gold Spot) Trying To Ski Through Downtrend, 50DMA Resistance

Updates: Dubai Debt Fears, Harrisburg Bond Payment, Europe Junk Bonds, Poland Real Estate, Greece, China Growth and Ford (2/14)

$FXE Technical Outlook (Euro Index ETF), Euro/Gold Ratio Testing Lows, 50/200 Day Crosses and Technical Chess

Elizabeth Warren: Half of Commercial Real Estate Loans Under Water Expiring 2010-2014, Loan Losses Will Affect Community Banks (Videos, Report)

GLD/SPY Ratio At 1.0, Been Swing Dancing, When Will Spread Widen and Which Direction

Put Option Activity in ZION and XHB, Plus $LUMBER Contract (Charts)

Soros Interview at Davos 2010 On China Overheating, Gold Bubble, Bank Regulation

Check Out The BigDog and PETMAN Robots by Boston Dynamics (Videos)

Dow 2010 vs. 1930 Rally, Tariffs Put Fuel On Fire, What Could Do It Now? (Chart Video, News)

Bernanke Testimony on Fed Exit Strategy 2/10/2010, Compare To London School of Economics Speech on 1/13/2009

Joseph Stiglitz and Hugh Hendry Debate About Greece Bailout (Video)

Updates: China Army Urges Treasury Dump, ADEDY Strike In Greece, Taiwan Drops Submarine Request, Iran Anniversary and Something Out of Moscow