El-Erian's Outlook: 10-Y Treasuries Yield 2.75-5%, US Growth To Slow During Second Half of 2010 (Pimco)

July Call Option Activity in CYB, Trading Band Expansion Related or Shorts Covering ($CYB, $CNY, $USD/CNY)

Moscow Metro Suicide Bombings, The True Causes - Guest Post By

Explosion Hits #Moscow Metro, Soros and Kaiser Bid For BSE, Goldilocks Environment For Leveraged Credit, China's Geely Buys Volvo for $1.8 Billion, Greece To Launch Syndicated Bond...

Swiss Franc ($USD/CHF) Filled Gap Down On Sunday, $FXF In Clear Downtrend Since November, Watch USD/CHF Symmetrical Triangle

Utility Scale Solar Power Is Coming! Bill Gross Interview of eSolar

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Speech At 2010 Abu Dhabi Media Summit (ADMS), Rupert Murdoch Presentation Video ($GOOG, $NWS)

Greenspan On China Bubble, 10 Year Note Yield If Above 4% (3/26/2010)

Chinese Firm Buys Foreclosed LA Marriott, 10% of Hotel Loans Delinquent In February, CMBS Delinquencies at 5.73% (Moody's) But Slowing - CRE Reading

Watch Yields Closely and S&P 1150 Level (Philip Manduca of ECU Group)

A Spiritual Stock Market Awakening

If SPY Breaks Below 115 There's Double Dip Risk, ISEE Call/Put Ratio Not Bearish (TLT, SPY, 3/25/2010)

Peter Schiff Takes On Greenspan's 66-Page Report On Financial Crisis (Brookings Institute)

Where is EUR/USD Headed, Broke Support (Dennis Gartman, John Taylor and Chart), 1.30 and 1.25 Look Like First Support Levels, 1.35 New Ceiling Resistance

US Dollar Breaks Out, GLD, SLV, JJC, USO, SPY Down, Market Analysis Part 1

Thomas Lee: Falling VIX-to-Credit Correlates With Positive Equity Flows, Be Tactical During Tightening Cycle (Favors Financials and Technology), Sees Supply/Demand Imbalances In Publicly Traded Credit

Niall Ferguson Testifies On China Exchange Rate Policy, Text

Chicago Students Condemn Board of Education On Cafeteria Food

David Tice: Secular Bear Market Won't Bottom Until Market Reaches Book Value, Sees S&P At 400 and Unemployment 15%, Likes Gold

Reading: MOVE Index, CBOE IPO, Africa Cyber Threat, Euro to $1.20 (FX Concepts)

February Existing Home Sales -.6%, 33-Month Shadow Inventory, 8.6 Months On Market and Zillow Home Value Index Link (Charts/Tables from NAR)

Geithner Testifies Before Congress On Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Reform (CSPAN Video, Written Testimony)

Obama Signs Health Care Bill At Ceremony - Video, Full Bill Link H.R.3590

Reading: January CRE Prices Up 1%, China Condemns Google, Hellenic Post Bank Owns Greek CDS, E&Y Responds To Lehman Bankruptcy Examiner's Report 3/22/2010 - 3/23/2010

Has 1-Month LIBOR Bottomed? Fed Discount Rate Update ($LIBOR, Primary Credit Rate)

Renminbi/USD ETN CNY Was Up 5% Today, Revaluation Speculation?

CLSA's Chris Wood Is Overweight Asia, China, Collapse of US Dollar Standard (CNBC, 3/1/2010)

E-Mini S&P Future Action After Health Care Passes, Bart Stupak Speaks and Crowd Goes Wild [Videos, ES Live Charts]

Jim Rogers Talks Chinese Yuan Peg, Urban Real Estate Bubbles, Trade Wars, USD/CNY Chart (BNN, 3/18/2010)

Bart Stupak Voting Yes On Health Care Bill, Could Pass Tonight [Video]

India Raises Rates, 2010 LBO Boom?, $FXI P&F Chart Analysis, Dick Bove On Citigroup, Housing, China Development Forum, Advanta Bankruptcy....

New Blogger Template Design Is Here, Demo Video #newbloggertemplate

Icahn Sues Raynor For $100 Million On Federal Mogul 13D Filing (IEP)

A Bullish and Bearish Case On The Market (3/19/2010)

7 More Banks Fail On Friday (March 19, 2010)

Meredith Whitney: Housing Will Double Dip, Bank Mortgage Model Broken (CNBC)

Is going dark in China soon? Will Sohu take over? (GOOG, SOHU)

Read a Harvard Thesis on the CDO Market Meltdown

Greece, Discount Rate Could Bring EUR/USD 1.349 Retest, Couldn't Take Out 50DMA [Chart]

Why Did Gold Breakout and Not Silver, GLD, SLV and GLD:SLV Ratio

Obama Discusses Health Care Bill on Fox News w/ Bret Baier (3/17/2010)

Roubini and Paul Britton of Capstone Warn About Volatility Ahead (CNBC Video)

Fed Keeps Rate at Zero Percent, SPY Rides Above January Highs [GLD, SPY, TLT, UUP] 3/16/2010

Secondary Market Platforms Could Revolutionize Investment Industry; Banks and Insurance Companies Are Still Considered Accredited Investors!

Will NAHB Builder Confidence Double Bottom? March HMI at 15, Couldn't Break Above 1991 Low (XHB, ITB)

Economic Impact If Chicago River, O'brien Locks Close, Asian Carp Invasion!

Mish, Marc Faber Believe Japan Is Undervalued, But Preparing For Doom

China Premier Wen Warns Of Double Dip Recession Risk (NPC Videos)

Video: Michael Burry of Scion Capital Speaks With 60 Minutes On CDS Bet

Citi Relaxes While Lehman Repo-105 and Wamu Settlement Hits, WAMPQ Lost 91% At The Lows But Closed Down 36%

Junk Bond, Savings and Loan Scandal Looks Familiar [CBS Video 1990]

Larry McDonald on Lehman Examiner's Report, Greatest Hide The Salami Move In The History of Wall Street (Repo-105, Counterparties, Videos)

Citigroup Call Options Triple With Pandit's Bullish Estimates At 2010 Citi Financial Conference, $C

Full Examiner Report of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy, Repo-105

Hedge Fund Managers Are On Your Side (Hugh Hendry), CDS Thoughts

US Graduation Rate Ranked 18, School Budgets Squeezed (NBC Videos)

Updates: OPEC Oil Forecasts, El-Erian on Sovereign Debt, China Inflation Higher, Argentine Soy Producer US IPO, Foreclosures Down 2% From January, Miami-Dade Hospital System Needs $67M Advance From County

iPad Release Date April 3, Apple Leads QQQQ Above January Highs, SPY Yet To Clear Resistance, iPad Commercial ($AAPL, $SPY, $QQQQ, $TLT, $GLD, $USO Charts)

Crude Oil at Resistance, OVX Higher High, Dollar/Oil Narrowing in Lockstep, Oil Futures In Contango ($WTIC, $OVX, $USD, USO) Will There Be Blood?

Reads: US States, Greece, Portugal Austerity, Vineyard Defaults, CMBS Delinquencies 6.29%, Chicago Unfunded Retirement Deficit

Is S&P 500 Ready To Hit Abby Cohen's 1250-1300 Target, 50 Month Moving Average? 10-40 Year Monthly Charts, $SPY $SPX, $VIX

Vikram Pandit to TARP Panel: Won't Need More Aid, CRE Not An Issue (Taxpayer Still Owns 27% $C Common Stock)

Reads: Regulators vs. Forex Leverage, SAC Golf Outing, Detroit Strategic Defaults, Cali Job Losses, Panasonic and Best Buy 3D TV Discounts