25,000 Barrels of Oil Per Day Could Be Spilling Into Gulf Coast (#OilSpill UPDATE, 4/30/2010)

Check Out Price Volatility In EuroBancshares (EUBK), FDIC Closes Three Puerto Rican Banks: Eurobank, Westernbank, R-G Premier Bank

Goldman Implied Volatility Up 49% to 51.66, ISEE Ratio Up 139% to 223

Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System Puts Goldman On 90-Day Alert, $GS -9.4% to $145 on Criminal Probe, Channel Support Violated (Charts)

SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert Interview Video at "Rising Stars" Executive Council Event

Bob Janjuah Sees $2,000 Gold, $100 Oil (Chief Credit Strategist at RBS)

Oil Spill in Gulf, $USO Trading at $41 Ceiling (Oil ETF Charts, Pentagon Video)

Goldman Sachs Congressional Hearing Video 2 [CFO, CRO]

Goldman Sachs Congressional Hearing Video 3 (Lloyd Blankfein CEO)

S&P Downgrades Spain to AA, 10Y-Note Yields 4.12%, CDS Tightens to 187bps and $EWP Testing $37.5 Support

Milken Institute Panel On Financial Journalism, Bloggers (4/2010)

Goldman Sachs Congressional Hearing Video 1 [Tourre, Birnbaum, Sparks, Swenson]

E-Mini S&P Large Speculators Net Short, ES Breaks Down During Goldman Hearing, VXX Spikes (Videos of Chartcast, COT Chart, SPY)

Portugal Bond Yields, CDS Spike on S&P Downgrade, Fighting Greek Contagion Risk (Charts)

S&P Downgrades Greece to Junk, Greek 2Y-Bond at 15%, CDS at 787bps, National Bank of Greece -14.24% (NBG)

Citadel's Ken Griffin, Marc Lasry and Mohamed El-Erian at Milken Conference on 4/26/2010 (Video Link)

Time For Oil ETN, ETF to Make a Decision (USO, OIL, OVX, USD/CAD Charts)

Peter Schiff vs. James Galbraith on US Government Debt (CNBC)

Gizmodo Exclusive of iPhone 4, Jason Chen's Computers Seized (PBS Video)

Mary Schapiro, Larry Tabb on SEC Large Trader Reporting Proposal Videos (Tabb Group)

I See XLE Made New Highs Last Week, Will It Lead USO? (Oil ETF/Energy Sector SPDR)

June Oil Future at $85 Resistance, Rig Count Down 9 to 1482 On Week, Up 524 Annually, Watching Spreads (WTIC, USO, CLM10, UNG)

Goldman Executives, "Fabulous-Fab" Emails (Released By Senate)

New Home Sales Up a Whopping 27% In March, November BZH Call Rips 59%, Stock Testing Resistance, Beazer Downgraded To Hold By Citigroup Citing Valuation

Speech By Kiyohiko Nishimura on Japan's Economy, Monetary Policy (Bank of Japan, 4/21/2010)

Lionsgate vs. Icahn, Video of Live 13D War On CNBC, Icahn Owns 19%, Mark Cuban Owns 5.4% and Technical Analysis ($LGF, $IEP)

Pimco's El-Erian On Greece Debt Contagion Risk (CNBC Video)

$3 Million Jacked From Detroit Pension Funds (Fire, Police and General Retirement)

Abacus 2007 CDO Pitch Book Referenced Securities One Notch Above Junk Four Months Before Two Bear Stearns Credit Funds Blew Up

U.S. Housing Data Spurs Late Gains in Oil Prices after Mixed Week (Oil Market Summary) - Guest Post

Moody's Downgrades Greece, 10Y Bond Yield 8.84%, CDS 633bps, Greek Shares Testing February Low, Euro Needs Help (Charts)

President Obama's Speech On Wall Street Reform (Video, Cooper Union)

Options Active In Homebuilders $XHB, $BZH, $HOV, Existing Home Sales Up 6.8% In March, Inventories At 8-Months

Lumber Contract In I-Shaped Recovery, Up 91% On Year (Chart)

Will Gold and Oil Continue Trading Sideways In 2010? (Videos)

Anton Valukas, Dick Fuld, William Black Congressional Testimony On 2008 Lehman Failure (Videos)

Miami Businessman Charged With $900 Million Ponzi Scheme

Paulson Sees V-Shaped Recovery, Housing Recovery in 2011 (Video)

TLT (20+ Treasury ETF) Chart Broke Out Of Downtrend From October 2009

CDS 101 By Goldman Sachs (Education on Credit Default Swaps)

Goldman Sachs Initial Defense From SEC Wells Notice (9/2009)

Iran Shows Off Shahab-3 Missile at Army Day, Ahmadinejad at Tehran Nuclear Conference and Middle East News Links (4/19/2010)

$USO ETF Failed Ceiling Test, May, June Oil Future Below Support, Traders Grab Volatility (USO, CLK10, CLM10, CLN10, $WTIC, $USD, $OVX Charts on 4/16/2010)

China Property Prices, FX Concepts, Simon Johnson on Paulson, Goldman Sachs, Mostly The Media Gang Beating CDO Fraud Allegations

Dick Bove: Goldman Sachs is a Buy After Charges ($GS Chart Channel Now $150-190)

Buyers Of May 27 $KBE Puts Up 150-percent On Goldman Charge, Unrealized Of Course (KBW Bank ETF)

$SPY, $DIA Sell Off at 61.8% Retracement Level (Charts)

Hussman: Haven't Seen Final Uncomfortable Valuation Trough, Sees Overbought Conditions With Upward Yield Pressure [Extend and Pretend Note]

Barry Ritholtz, William Black On Goldman Fraud Allegation

SEC Charge Against Goldman has Volcanic Impact on Energy Markets - Guest Post

Paulson & Co. Responds to SEC Complaint Against Goldman Sachs

Goldman Responds To SEC Complaint

Eurocontrol Volcanic Ash Cloud Press Conference, Aviation Industry Could See $1 Billion Hit (Videos)

Goldman Sachs Charged With Fraud By SEC Over Shady CDO Dealings (ABACUS CDO Tied To Subprime Mortgages)

Yale's Robert Shiller: 50% Chance Of Another Housing Downturn, Don't Bet Farm On Housing Recovery (BloombergTV and NYT)

Israel/Hezbollah Warning, Goldman on $99 Oil, Greece Taxing Higher Income, China Increases Crude Production, Markets Could Derail Again -Soros, Credit Card Delinquencies Fell In March

Retail, KBW Bank ETF Protection, ISE Sentiment Index Volatility (ISEE, KBE, XRT, IWM)

Oil Update, Revisiting 2008 Oil Peak, S&P/Oil Divergence, Inventories Down (Charts: Oil Futures, USO, $USD, XLE)

Interesting Options Action: SLV, EEM, PG, USO, VIX, XHB (4/13/2010)

China Small-Cap 500 Index At 5,000 Resistance, Up 224% From 2008 Low

Chanos on Charlie Rose: China Property Bubble, RMB Devaluation? (FXI Analysis)

EUR/USD Pierced Downtrend On 45 Billion Euro Greek Aid Offering, German Ministry of Finance Says It's Not An ACTUAL Decision

How Goldman Won the Over-the-counter Derivatives Poker Game Against All Investment Banks (CBS Videos)

Peak Oil Alert, Soros On Pound Devaluation, Chanos on Charlie Rose, China Iron Ore Imports Rise With Rare Trade Deficit, Greece Needs 80 Billion Euros Over 3 Years, Magazine Ads Decline, Shiller On Housing Recovery...

USO (Oil ETF) Chart Artistry, Trends, Targets and Bull Put Spread

Greenspan: Overseas Savings Glut Kept Long Term Rates Low, Fed Funds Rate Was Ineffective In Controlling Housing Inflation (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Testimony)

Gas Producers Go to the Dark Side (Oil Exploration) - Guest Post