Case Shiller Home Price Index Down 3.2% in Second Quarter, At 2003 Levels Nationally

David Rosenberg Sees S&P at 900-925, Gold at 3000 Reasonable (SPY, GLD) - Bloomberg Video

Israel Raid of Flotilla Off Gaza Coast: Articles, Video Footage Links, Differences [#Flotilla, #Israel, #Gaza]

Hugh Hendry Debates w/ Columbia's Jeffrey Sachs on European Debt Crises (May 26, 2010 on BBC Newsnight Video)

Amid the Financial Turmoil One Economic Indicator is Soaring - Guest Post

Greece Stock Index Tests March 2009 Low, NBG Downgraded By JP Morgan to Sell, Almost at $2 Low

S&P Future +2.19% Overnight Testing 200 Day Average, Dollar Index Nervous on Uptrend (ES_M, DX_M Charts, $UUP, $SPY Related)

Einhorn Shorts Moody's, Rosenberg Sees 30% Decline, Gold Update (XAU/USD, 5/26/2010)

Whitney Tilson Explains Short Homebuilders Bet, $ITB Technical Update (Fast Money Video, 5/24/2010)

Leader Capital's John Lekas Sees 4,200 On Dow By Q2 2011, Interest Rates and LIBOR Higher (CNBC Video)

Overnight Volatility- S&P June Future Down 2.5%, Dollar Near Highs ($SPX, ES_M, DX_M, GC_M, SPY Charts)

Archive Videos: 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt Conference #TCdisrupt

After May Sell Off Prechter Still Sees Long Bear Market, Likes Cash Not Gold (Has Too Many Bulls)

Roubini Sees 20% Downside, Be In Cash or German Short-Term Debt (CNBC Video 5/20/2010)

South Korea's Lee Responds to Alleged Torpedo Attack, North Korea Said Will Retaliate With War If Attacked, Keep Eye On Geopolitical Volatility

Hugh Hendry Shorts China, Klarman Sees Another Lost Decade, The Most Important Distressed Volatility Link Fest Ever (5/22/2010)

Live BP Video of "Deepwater Horizon" Well Oil Spill

Gartman on Technical Damage Done to Markets, Euro (Bloomberg, 5/21)

Google Golden Cross, Sentiment and 50% Retracement Watch ($GOOG Short Interest, Put-Call Ratio Trend)

Footage From Top of Burj Khalifa Tower Spire! [Video from ImreDubai]

Google TV Keynote Video [Google I/O 2010], Coming Fall 2010 on Sony TVs at Best Buy, Watch Intro Videos and CEO Partner Panel #GoogleTV, $GOOG

Whitney Tilson Bets Against Housing (ITB), Paulson is Bullish (BZH, Beazer Homes)

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Does SPY Revisit Flash Crash Low of 105.25, Broke Monday Low (Chart)

Germany Bans Naked Short Selling in 10 Banks, Insurers and Eurozone Government Debt (Naked CDS)

Jim Cramer Likes Gold ($GLD), Gartman Sells Anticipating Pullback

Don't Be Misled By 13F Filings, They Don't Disclose Shorts, Credit Default Swap Exposure (CDS)

"Large Volume" Trades Outside Recognized Exchanges, Dark Pools

Illinois Has $4.5 Billion In Unpaid Bills, $1.75 Billion Due June 10 (Short Term Debt), Higher Taxes Looming?

'Meltup' (National Inflation Association Video), $TIP ETF Chart (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities ETF)

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Skating The California Foreclosure Monster

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Diaspora (Personally Controlled Social Web Server) vs. Facebook

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High Frequency Traders Are Like Hackers (Mark Cuban's Thoughts On Wall Street)

Gold, Dollar Futures Diverging With S&P E-Mini Future (ES_M, GC_M, DX_M, GLD, SPY, UUP, May 11 Charts)

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Nothing Fazes Barton Biggs, Next Move in US Market is Up 15-20% Led By Technology, Sees Lower Euro

Greenland Proceeds with Plans for Offshore Drilling in Arctic Waters - Guest Post

Rep Alan Grayson: Federal Reserve Owns Red Roof Inn Through Bailed Out Bear Stearns Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust

Insuring USO From Oil Volatility Monster w/ Put Options ($OVX) - Reflection of April Complacency Capitulation and Failed Breakout (May/July USO Puts)

Reading: David Rosenberg on 3,000 Gold, JPM Silver Probe, Squawking the S&P Crash, Copper Pierced 200DMA, Venezuela Inflation Hits 30%

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Germany Approves Greek Aid, Moody's on Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, RMBS, BP and EUR/USD Rallies (5/7/2010)

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The Cover-up: BP's Crude Politics and the Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster - Guest Post

Interesting Reads at Zero Hedge Today (5/6/2010), SPY Lost 9% at One Point

Google Chrome Browser Speed Test Video, Faster Than Potato Bullet, Sound Waves and Lightning

Economist William Engdahl Does NOT See Greek Contagion Risk, Compares Eurozone Crisis to 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

Brown Brothers Harriman: Euro to 1.18, Greek Bailout is Disguised Bank Bailout (Marc Chandler)


Thousands of Greeks Riot Against Austerity Package (Videos, 5/5/2010)

Marc Faber: China Looks Weak Technically, Could Crash in 9-12 Months, State Street Rates China Tactical Underweight (FXI, EWH)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Charlie Rose and RussiaToday (May 4)

Clear Resistance Above $FXI, April China PMI, Jim Chanos on Fox, Vitaliy Katsenelson Report, Charts (Shanghai Composite, Hang Seng, $FXI, $EWH)

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Explained, Ways To Contain Leak (Video)

EUR/USD Support Hits at 1.31 or 1.24, Euro Shorts Hit Record (COT)

NYU's Altman Sees High Yield Bond Correction (JNK, HYG), Plus Greek Contagion Risk (Spain and Portugal) Feeding Into Euro

Ahmadinejad, Clinton Full Speech Videos at UN Nuclear Conference, US and Others Walk Out (New York)

Barton Biggs of Traxis Sees $88-90 EPS in 2010, $100 in 2011 (Video)

Lloyd Blankfein CEO of Goldman Sachs on Charlie Rose (April 30, 2010)

JNK (High Yield Bond ETF) and Credit Spread Analysis, How High Does JNK Go? (IEF, TLT, LQD, JNK)

Mergers, Liquidations, Bailouts and a Mining Tax (Sunday Night News)

IMF/EU Bails Out Greece (€110 billion), Papandreou Text, Greek Finance Minister, Riots (Videos)

Roubini On Greece Debt Restructuring, Second Half US Growth, Euro (Bloomberg - 4/28/2010)

Dow 61.8% Retracement Level In Play, Could Pose Challenge To Market (DIA, DJI)

Eric Sprott Talks Up Silver on CNBC, Silver Ready For Big Breakout? (SLV, GLD, PHYS)

FOMC Statement April 28, Expects Low Rate For Extended Period, Closed All Special Liquidity Facilities Except CMBS TALF (Federal Reserve)

Private Greece Bailout?, Chicago Pensions Lack Assets, Buffett Defends Goldman, Pensioenfonds Vervoer Dumps Goldman, Housing Recovery vs. Tax Credit End