Massive Volume In Ares Capital Recently (ARCC and July 12.5 Puts)

GLD Decoupled From SPY, JJC, Joined Safe Haven Bid, GVZ Outperforming GLD! (Charts)

Deflation, Safe Haven Bid? 10-Year Treasury, IEF, UUP, TNX

Meredith Whitney, Gary Shilling See 10% Further Decline in Housing Prices (Videos)

Two Potential Outcomes For GLD, Look at Spot Gold Move Earlier Today

Microsoft's Death Cross and P/E Ratio Analysis (Moving Averages, MSFT)

Hugh Hendry on the Euro, Asia and George Soros Germany Speech

Rick Santelli to Liesman: Read Austrian Economists Not Funny Pages (Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!)

Japan Public Debt 2x GDP With Deflation Threat, NIKKEI Down 75% Since 1990, What If Deflation Invades US

US Unemployment Rate at 9.3% (Chart 1981-May 2010), Michigan, Illinois, California From 1990

Is Silver Ready? Jim Rogers Prefers Silver, SLV August $19 Calls Active (SLV, Comex Charts) UDPATE

S&P E-mini Future Update, 1,045 Neckline MUST Hold (ESU10)

BP Oil Spill Cam Live via PBS Newshour Ustream, CBS News Update on Suicides

Greece CDS, New BP Low, Albert Edwards on Recession, EUR/USD May Weaken 20%, XLF Put Protection (#finreg), VIX Upside Calls, Hungary Bond Auction

ChartCast 6/14: SPY Descending, DIA Below 200-DMA (QQQQ, UUP, GLD, SPY, DIA, TLT, VIX Charts)

ETFs Above/Below Their 200 Day Moving Average (*IYR, *QQQQ, DIA, IYT, IWM, FXI, XLK vs. SPY, *XLF, *XLV, XHB, *ITB)

Warren Buffett Testifies About Moody's, Einhorn Says Shut Down Ratings Agencies (MCO)

$GLD at Very Important Support Level (Dec 2009 High/2010 Uptrend) - UPDATE

Bernanke Leaves Fed Funds Rate at 0 - 0.25%, June 23, 2010 FOMC Statement

DJIA's 200-Day Moving Average: Will the Dow stay above or below this demarcation line?

May New Home Sales Down 33%, ITB Fades Data, Months Supply Up 46% to 8.5 (From April)

May Existing Home Sales Down 2.2%, Market Eyeing New Home Sales Data, Lumber and ITB Moving in Tandem

Energy Analyst Urges New Approach In Egyptian Offshore Production - Guest Post

39 Conduit Cancellations, Henderson Land Update (0012, HLDCY)

I-Shaped Lumber Recovery Turns Into Upside Down V-Shaped Crash ($LUMBER, $ITB)

Gold Decoupled from US Dollar Index During June (Futures Charts, GCZ10, DXZ10, UUP/GLD)

Gold Move is "Reserve Driven", Euro is Doomed Currency - Dennis Gartman

Chinese Yuan Peg In Play, BP Spilling 100,000 Barrels, Mich Unemployment Rate Drops, Chavez Battles Prices and Venezuela CDS Tops Default Percentage, Elliott Wave Thinks Dow Going Below 1,000!

Michael Pento: Double Dip Recession Assured, US Never Healed (Debt/GDP 370% and Rising)

Yale's Shiller: Significant Risk of Further Declines in Stocks, Housing, Also Case Shiller Home Price Index ETF Coming Soon

BP CEO Tony Hayward Testifies Before Congress (Full Cspan Video)

Crude Oil Holds on to Week’s Gains After High Inventories Threaten Rally - Guest Post

Illinois, California Default Probability Higher Than Portugal (CDS)

BP Protester Covered In Oil Breaks Into Hearing With CEO (Video!)

Trader LEAPs into 2012 Hecla Mining Calls As Puts, Short Interest Rise! Jefferies & Co. Initiates $HL With Buy Rating, $7 Target

Top Default Probabilities: Venezuela, Pakistan, California, Illinois (CDS)

$LQD Symmetrical Triangle Break Point, 5,000 July 106 Puts Open (Charts), Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF

Top Soros Fund Holdings for 3/31: GLD, NG (NovaGold), PBR (Petroleo Brasileiro), DTV (DirecTV), SU (Suncor Energy) [Table]

George Soros: "We Have Entered Act II of the Drama" (Full Speech in Vienna)

Bill Gross: Equities Trading at Low P/E, Almost As Secure As Sovereigns, What About the Cyclically Adjusted P/E Ratio?

BP Chairman, Oil Executives Congressional Hearing Video (C-SPAN)

Guest Post - Geothermal Elbowing its Way into the Mainstream

Google TV Looks Cool (New Youtube Video Up)

JP Morgan's Tom Lee: S&P Target 1,300, 14.5x 2011 $90 Earnings By Year End

Watch Gold 1240 (Japanese Candlesticks), S&P Resistance - Videos

ACT II: Moody's Downgrades Greece to Junk, Euro Wedge Break, BP Plunges, Market Tests 200-Day and Illinois Teachers Union Sold CDS?

GLD Winning Year To Date +11.2%, UUP +9%, SPY -0.84% CHART

The $1 Trillion Afghanistan Mineral Rush - NYT

Prechter: US Dollar Bull Run Over, Wave 5 Complete, Euro Could Bounce to 1.30 But Would Rather Own Swiss Franc (CNBC Video)

Muni Updates, Municipal Bond Yields [Cities, States] [6/13/2010]

State of Emergency in Jalal-Abad #Kyrgyzstan [Videos, Articles]

Jim Rogers: Short Stocks, Long Commodities, Might Get Long Euro [CNBC Video, FXE, UUP, UUP:FXE Charts]

BP 5Y CDS at 380 on Bankruptcy Rumor, Puts Active Down to $7.50, Bond Yields 7.89%, Stock Hits $29 and Value Investor Tilson Buys More [Charts]

Waste Freight/GDP, Credit Suisse on Gold, BP CDS Spike Again!, Medicare Exchange, US Debt to $19.6 Trillion by 2015, Tom Lee, Abby Cohen Bullish on S&P

Bernanke Testimony: Economic Outlook, Developments in Europe and Fiscal Sustainability (6/9)

First Gold ATM in Abu-Dhabi, Chinese Love Gold Over Currencies, Soros Warns Gold Bubble Forming

Is GLD Ready For 2010 Breakout? DXY, SLV, GDX, GVZ, GLD Charts

Links for June 8: Goldman Recommends Hedging XLF With Puts

Marc Faber Mises Circle Speech, When is the Next AIG to Fall? (5/22/2010)

$SPY Must Hold Shelf of Death, Under 200DMA, $107.75 -2.67%

Tom Lee (JP Morgan): AAII Survey Bearish Sentiment = Capitulation, Watching Credit Spreads and Risk Assets for Confirmation

Mark Zuckerberg at D8: Things Will Be Designed More Around People and Will Be Powerful Direction [Facebook]

You Down With UUP? Dollar and Gold Decoupled Today, GLD at Ascending Triangle Inflection Point!

CMBS, CRE Losses "Worst Coming", Municipal Budget Shortfalls, Goldman S&P Earnings Revision [links]

Japan Deflation vs. U.S Today (Nasdaq v. Nikkei Charts)

Who Decouples Next? (GLD, UUP, SPY, AUD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, FXI)

BP Stock -15%, CDS Spikes to 167bps, ATP Notes Down $300M, ATPG -18% and APC -19.5% [Stock Charts]

SPY and S&P 500 Future in Descending Channel, Testing 200DMA (Charts)