Peter Schiff 2006 Mortgage Bankers Association Speech, Tech Ticker July 2010

S&P in Descending/Sideways Channel, Under 200DMA (SPX, SPY) - Chart

Pimco's Gross: Population Decline Will Weigh On Growth, Deleveraging Cycle

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Major Option Volume In MSFT, September 28 Calls, January 2012 30s

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MTV's Jersey Shore Cast Rings the NYSE Opening Bell (Video)

Mark Zuckerberg Interview With Diane Sawyer (ABC Video, 7/21)

Ford Beat EPS Estimate, Retired $7B Debt; $F Call Options, Stock Realize Value On Week (Technical Analysis)

North Korea State TV Threatens South With "Sacred War", Nuclear Deterrent

7 More Banks Fail In US, Bank Deleveraging Continues

The Social Network Trailer (Facebook Movie)

Tax Cuts Expire End of 2010, Expect Boring Market (Kass), Unemployment Benefits Extended

Securing Uganda’s Oil Industry Urged But Repeat Terrorist Attacks Seen As Slim - Guest Post

Quicken Loans Moving 1700 Employees to Detroit, Light Rail Coming #Detroit

Ford (F) Earnings Friday, Chart, Options Setting Up (Part 3)

Animated Explanation of Wall Street Reform Bill, White House Video (Kumar?)

China Consumes More Energy Than US For First Time, China Denies It (USO, Crude Oil, CL)

Bernanke Testimony, Semiannual Monetary Policy Report 7/21/2010

Taliban Using Monkey Fighters (Taiwan News Re-enactment)

30-Year Treasury to Hit 3% on Deflation Bid -Gary Shilling, TYX, USB Charts

Levels and Indicators to Watch in Gold Spot Chart XAU/USD

VIX August 60 Calls Trade and VXX Puts? VIX, VXX, SPY #Volatility

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Mike Pento Sees Sovereign Debt Crisis 3 Years Away, Hobbs vs. Pento (CNBC Video)

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Stock Prices, Economic Data Buffet Crude Oil Futures in Lackluster Trading - Guest Post

Lawrence McDonald Thinks SEC Going After Lehman Next (Goldman Settlement)

Wall Riding in India (Videos)

S&P 500 Failed at Death-Cross, Deflation Bid Rules Week $TLT, $IEF, $SPY, $QQQQ, $GLD, $UUP Charts, Links

Nikkei 225 Down 2.86%, Large Futures Seller #Japan

Goldman Paying SEC, IKB Deutsche, RBS $550 Million Fine (Judgment)

Financial Regulatory Reform Bill Passes, H.R.4173 Full Text (7/15/2010) #FinReg

The Bear Market and Depression: How Close to the Bottom? - Prechter

FOMC Minutes From June 22-23 (Federal Reserve)

Illinois Plans to Raise Billions ($6 Billion Estimated in Unpaid Bills -Comptroller)

$SPY Stuck at Downtrend Resistance, 50 Day Moving Average (#Chopfest, July 14)

MCDX Spreads Up 100%+ Since November (Muni Bond CDS, Credit Default Swaps)

Ford (F) Call Options Active on ISE, Ford Sync Pandora Demo Video (AppLink)

Ceglia Sues for 84% of Facebook, Aluminum Prices vs. Alcoa, Rent Miami Luxury Cheap, Delinquent Prime RMBS Up

30-Year Treasury Bond, TLT Watch, Bond Vigilantes Here Yet? (+IEF, 10Y-Note Charts)

S&P Trading 40% Above Historical Norms Based On Normalized Earnings -Hussman

Place Your Hedged S&P Bet, $1,440 or $400 Target ($SPY, $SPX, All or Nothing)

S&P: U.K. AAA Rating Long Term, A-1+ Short, Negative Outlook (7/12)

XLF July 15 Call Options Active, Second Mortgage Warning, Dagong on US Credit Risk (Reads)

Accredited Investor Rule is a Joke (Exposed in 2008), Knock Down Existing Financial Infrastructure

Crude Oil Tracks Stocks Upwards to Close Week Above $76 a Barrel - Guest Post

Watching UUP (US Dollar) On Uptrend Support, 50DMA and Treasuries

Illinois CDS Default Probability Above Iraq, Unpaid Bills $4.71 Billion

Dan Gilbert Guarantees Cavaliers Win Championship Before Lebron (Letter to City)

LeBron James Joining Miami Heat (Decision Video)

GLD, SLV, GDX at 2008 Uptrend Line, Put Hedge Up (Gold, Silver, Miners)

REIS Vacancy Rates, Kass (Bottom's In), UBS Cuts S&P Target to 1,150 from 1,350, Overnight Gold Chart

Dick Bove: Citigroup Headed Toward $8.50 (Down 93% From 2007 Peak)

Niall Ferguson: Treasury Bond Vigilantes Coming, Default Or Inflation Choice For US

Tokyo Nikkei Index Around 9,000 Support, EWJ Similar (Chart)

James Altucher vs. Roubini and Prechter, S&P 1,500 or Dow 1,000? WTF!

Barton Biggs Sells Stocks, Expects $70-75 EPS, Double Dip and Afraid of Policy Errors (1930s Redux)

S&P Death Cross Imminent! Non-Event So Far (S&P Future, Index Chart)

Links: Illinois Budget Crisis, Commodities Relapse, Shipowners, Gold Chart and BP Foreign Interest

Federal Reserve Express?

If Lebron James Leaves Cleveland, City Could Lose $10s of Millions

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June HSBC China PMI 50.4, -4.3% in June, -12% From January (Chart)

Biggs Sold His Stocks, Inventory Cycle Over -Goldman, Prechter vs. Acampora, Krugman vs. Paulson, Pending Home Sales -30% (May) - Distressed Volatility Link Fest

US Dollar Index, Euro, UUP/FXE Ratio -8.3% in June ($XEU, $USD)

Goldman FCIC Hearing: Watch Gary Cohn Explain What Happened

Doug Kass Calling For Classic Market Bottom On Twitter

ETFs Trading Below 200DMA: SPY, DIA, QQQQ, IYT, IWM - Not IYR! (Charts)

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