FOMC Minutes From 8/10/2010

Fed Allows CIC (China) to Acquire 10% of Morgan Stanley Voting Shares (MS)

GMO's Q2 Letter

GLD, SLV Approaching Highs From May, June (Charts)

Nikkei Back Below 9,000 (-3.55%, 8,824), Nikkei Futures Charts (NKY, EWJ, NK_U, NK_Z)

Read: Canada Housing Market, Zhou Xiaochuan (PBoC), Oil, Gary Shilling on 3% 30y-Treasury Bonds

Dow Industrials P&F Chart Targets: 9750 (Daily), 9150 (Weekly) $INDU $DIA

President Obama Update On Economy (Video, 8/30/2010), Alaska Protester Wants Free Speech

Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storms Danielle, Fiona in Atlantic (Radar)

$SPY Symmetrical Triangle Approaching Vertex Point, Hedge Risk (S&P 500)

When Do Treasury Bonds Officially Breakdown (Schiff, Faber on CNBC, TLT)

USD/JPY Volatility, Yen Intervention Rumor Was Sold, Dilute The SOB BoJ

USD/JPY Spikes on BoJ "Monetary Control" Meeting, Nikkei Up 3% (FXY, NKY)

Quantitative Easing Will Resume (Zandi), Dollar Could Collapse (Hussman) USDX DXY

Bill Ackman Bought BP CDS In May (280bps), Short BP Debt

CDO Comedy: Customer Screwed Was Bank Doing the Screwing

Bernanke's Speech in Jackson Hole; Committed to Fighting Deflation

Dick Bove vs. CLSA's Mike Mayo on Citigroup Cooking the Books (DTAs)

Nikkei 225 Shorts Cover, 20-Year JGB Yield Spikes (Chart Comparison)

Albert Edwards: Heading Back to S&P 450 (1982), Long Treasury Bonds 10y+

Charles Nenner's Cycles See Dow 5,000, Gold 2,500 in Few Years (Deflation, Military Conflict)

Chart Update, Ratio Analysis: GLD, SPY, SLV, IWM, TLT, UUP, GDX, GDXJ, SP-500 Index

Roubini Sees Less Than 1% Growth in Q3, 40% Chance of Recession

Ireland Index Technicals Predicted CRH Earnings Cut, Bank Worries and S&P Downgrade (CDS Also Made Moves In August)

Hugh Hendry's Eclectica Fund is Top Macro Fund YTD

"Requiem For Detroit" Documentary, It's Now a Depressed Turn Around Story!

July Existing Home Sales -27% over June on Tax Credit Expiration, Prices Hold Up But Inventory Months Up (Data Table, ITB Chart)

E-mini S&P, Russell, Nasdaq Futures at Inflection Point (Head and Shoulders, Descending Triangle, Dark Cross)

Nikkei 225 Index Breached 9,000 Support (Charts)

Reading: Market Risks, Silver, Japan Breaches 9,000, Illinois Debt

Bond Bubble? H0A0, HYG, JNK, PHK, TLT, LQD, Baa/S&P Spread, OAS (Chart Action, Part 2)

Bonds in Bubble Mode! Spreads to S&P, Treasuries Narrowing (Tom Lee, Tim Backshall, Siegel Videos) Part 1

Ireland, Italy, Spain Stock Indexes Pierced Technical Levels (Charts)

Doug Kass: Approaching Time to Re-Risk (Buy), Likes Financials Not Technicals (Fast Money Video 8/20)

Link to Interview w/ Paul Denlinger on China Economy, US Relations

California Controller: Cash Will Run Out In Late October (CDS at 284bps)

$SPY Trend Update; Be Aware Of Weekly, Monthly Moving Averages

US Steel (X) Out-of-Money Call Options Active on Takeover Rumor (August-October)

Slicing the Neckline: A Classic Technical Pattern Agrees with the Elliott Wave Count - Guest Post

Kyle Bass: I Wouldn't Be Long Stocks, Short Japanese Government Bonds, Bet On Higher Rates Cheaply (CNBC Video)

Reflation ETF Call Options Active on ISE: TBT, SLV, USO, UNG, MOS

Reads: Highland Hospitality, Treasury Butterflies/ES, Gross on GSEs, Waddell's Steve Avery on Markets

Similarities/Differences Between Japan of 1990 and U.S. Today (National Inflation Association Video)

Gregor Macdonald: We're in a Debt Deflation Depression, Nominal-to-Real Values Widening (MacroTwits Video)

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage at Record Lows 4.44%, Falling Wedge Reversal Pattern (chart)

Chronic Deflation Will Send 30-Year Treasuries to 3% (Gary Shilling)

David Rosenberg: Bring Out Post 1700 History Books, Not Post 1945 (Video Interview)

Rick Santelli Goes Off On The Federal Reserve, Quotes Zero Hedge (CNBC Video)

Crude Oil Prices Fall Below $80 Again as Officials Anticipate Slower Growth - Guest Post

A Dow Candlestick Signal and Historical Nasdaq Pattern (Guest Videos)

Wharton's Siegel: No Double Dip Recession, Sees Dip in Treasuries (Long-Term Bonds)

Marc Faber: Buy Farm With High Voltage Fence! Jurassic Park?

Bob Prechter: Dow Chart Similar to 1987 Top, Bullish on US Dollar, 100% Cash (Video, 8/12/2010)

Reads: Nassim Taleb (stay in cash), Cisco Uncertainty, Gold (Goldman and Cramer), GLD, CSCO, TBT

If $SWKS Trend Breaks, 200 Day Average or $12.5 Support Next (Chart)

William Black: We're Following Japan Hiding Losses, Rating Agencies Need To Go, Disses Wall Street Pay

E-Mini S&P 500 Future -1%, ES Technical Analysis and ETF Action (SPY, GLD, UUP, TLT)

FOMC Statement: Maintains Rate at 0-0.25%, Reinvesting Agency Debt, MBS Principal In Long-Term Treasuries (SPY, UUP, GLD, TLT Reaction)

September and October VIX Call Options Active In Futures (Volatility)

John Taylor (FX Concepts) Eyeing EUR/USD Trend Reversal, Greece, Spain Will Default, COT Chart (EUR/USD, USDX, DXY, UUP, FXE)

Reads: Negative Equity Falls to 21.5%, Goldman Lowers S&P Target, FRBSF Warning, Structured Notes Next Bubble

S&P Technical Barriers (200 Week), S&P -0.40% YTD, 30-Year Treasury +11%! (TLT, $USB, SPY, $SPX)

Japanese Government Bond Yields, 3-Month Bills (JGBs), News

UBS's Art Cashin: Summer Rally May Be Topping, Sees Payroll Deflation

Goldman Economist Jan Hatzius on GDP Growth, Inflation, QE2 (8/2010)

David Tice Sees Double-Dip Recession Ahead, Watch Out (Video 7/30)

Wheat Price Volatility (CBOT:W, Subindex), Golden Cross, Employment Reports

David Rosenberg Says 67% Chance of Recession Based on ECRI Weekly Leading Index