Awaiting Multi-Year Trend Confirmation / Big Money Chart Painting (Technical Update 9/30/2010, QQQQ, SPY, DIA, IWM, JJC, UUP/SPY, AAPL, SWKS, NFLX)

Video of Riots in Spain, Moody's Downgrades Credit Rating

Flying Car Update, NextGen Terrafugia "Transition" Videos 9/30/2010

Netflix vs. Gold, NFLX Price/Sales Ratio at 2003 Highs, Going Parabolic!

VXX December $19 Calls Active, Out of the Money (35,000/1590 Open)

$DRYS Call Options Spike On MS Upgrade, Drilling Contract (Ocean Rig UDW)

John Paulson: Buy Multiple Homes, Stocks, Gold; Sell Bonds on Double Digit Inflation, Lower Dollar (Courtesy of Fed Policies)

Sears Offers $665mln Senior Secured Notes, CDS Tightens By 32% (SHLD)

Gold, S&P vs. Dollar Correlation Back On In September (DXZ, GCZ, ESZ)

Warren Buffett on Rail Shipments, Carpet Yardage Retracements (CNBC)

TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 Conference Live Video (SF, #tcdisrupt)

David Rosenberg Takes Other Side of David Tepper's Longs Hedged With Fed Put Options

David Tepper's Bullish Bet on the Fed's Put (CNBC Video)

Trading Update on EWZ (iShares Brazil ETF)

News for 9/26/2010

Iran Industrial Systems Attacked By Stuxnet Worm (Videos, Links)

President Obama's Speech to United Nations (Video, Text)

Q2 M1, M2, MZM Money Velocity Chart Updates, Rising Since Q4 2009

Recession is Over, Poverty Rate at 1994 High, Uninsureds Skyrocketing, Temp Employment Booming, Money Velocity Up Since Q4

Video: Stephen Colbert's Opening Statement Before House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigrant Farm Workers (9/24/2010)

Gold Spot (XAU/USD) Approaches $1,300/ounce! Charts of the Day

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Full Speech Video at United Nations (9/23/2010)

Wall Street 2's Shia LaBeouf Interviewed, Had Dinner at Soros's House

The Game is Changing and the US is Now on the Defensive - Guest Post

$SPY Head and Shoulders Pattern, Symmetrical Triangle 2007/2009 (Chart)

Hussman Update, China Debates, Top Step, Credit Default Options, Bond Bubble (Siegel), State Pensions, Breakfast w/ Dave

Blockbuster R.I.P? At 5 Cents, Expected to File Chapter 11, Subordinated Notes at $4.0 ($BLOKA, $BBI)

FOMC Statement 9/21/2010, Expect 0-1/4 Percent For Extended Period

September CMBS Update: Total Delinquencies Up, 90+ Days Down (RealPoint)

Papandreou: Greece Won't Default, 10y GGB Inflection Point (11.36%)

Worries About Consumer Demand, Deflation Drive Down Oil Prices - Guest Post

Flagstar On Unusual Stock Volume (FBC), $600 Million Share Sale #banks

USD/JPY 15 Minute Wedge Getting Tighter After Yen Intervention Spike

George Soros on Gold's Bubble, "Blah" U.S. Economy, China (Video)

AIG CDS Chart Reflection (Insurance on the Insurer) 2008-2010

Alan Greenspan Converses With Council on Foreign Relations 9/15/2010 (

Nouriel Roubini at Google Zeitgeist 2010 (Video)

Links: LA Port Traffic, Pimco's Deflation Bet, China CDS, TARP Deadbeats, Yen Intervention (USD/JPY, Nikkei Charts)

$SPY at Apex Point in Symmetrical Triangle (Weekly Chart) 9/14/2010

$SPX Trend Line From 1974 Hits 650-800 Until 2015 ($SPY, S&P 500)

Links: Jim Simons on CNBC, Warren Buffett (No Double Dip), Albert Edwards, Pento on Interest Rates, BofA (9/13/2010)

Goldman's Hatzius Sees 25-30% Chance of Recession, Tax Expiration Risks, Quantitative Easing on 10% Unemployment (CNBC Video)

Karl Denninger Interviewed By Max Keiser (9/10/2010)

Signs of Financial Stress First Appeared in Credit Default Swaps (CDS)

Michael Burry Bets On Farmland, Gold, Small Tech and "Special Situations" in Distressed Real Estate

Live Video of San Bruno Fire, CBS Coverage via Livestream

Links: Albert Edwards, Kyle Bass, Michael Burry, Whitney Tilson, The Fly, David Rosenberg, Goldman FX

Wall Street Journal vs. New York Times (Animated Video by Next Media)

SPX November 675 Puts Opened (S&P Futures, $SPY)

USD/JPY Weekly Chart Broke Below November Support (84.74), Trading at 83.76 (FXY)

Sideways Action Won't Last Forever, Prepare For Catalysts (SPY, VIX)

Investors Intelligence Bearish Percentage vs. VIX (Hussman)

Steel Price Charts, Futures (Scrap Iron, Hot Rolled Coils, Rebar, Plate)

Vinny Catalano's S&P Targets: 950 End of 2010, 750 in 2011 (Blue Marble Research) S&P Chart

Let Housing Fall, Jim Rickards Interview, Strike in France

10-Year JGB Yield Spikes 25bps (27%) in 12 Days (Japanese Bonds)

Paulson & Co. Update

10Y Greek Bond Yield/Bund Spread Elevated, CDS 894bps, 3M Yield Plummets

Pento on Inflation, Gold, Housing, Consequences of Monetary Stimulus (Inflation)

Roubini at Ambrosetti Forum Italy (Video), Sees Stall Speed Growth

S&P-Nikkei Performance Spread Wide, Nikkei >9000, E-mini S&P Future at Inflection Point (ES, NK, SPY, EWJ, Japan)

Ben Bernanke, Sheila Bair at 2008 Financial Crisis Hearing (9/2/2010)

The U.S. Lost Decade is Over

U.S. Faces Deflation Risk Due to Indebtedness (Linda Yueh/Oxford Economist - Video)

Former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld Testified Before FCIC (9/1/2010) $LEH

SPY Pierces 50-Day Moving Average, Holds 200-Month But Growth Recession Upon Us

Dan Rather Interviews SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert, Revolutionizing Markets

Gunman James Lee In DiscoveryTV Building Holding Hostages (Video, Links)

Jim Rogers Q&A, Gold Should Be >2,000, Prefers Silver (GLD, SLV)