Peter Schiff: Keep Your Head Above Dollar; Video Updates on Gold, Stocks, Economy, QE2 (Videos, Blog Post)

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Gary Shilling on CNBC (Treasuries vs. Stocks), Home Index Rolls Over (ITB, XHB, TLT, SPY, XLF)

US Dollar Future Flash Crash or Capitulation? Prints 74.60 Low, Yen Running Higher (DXZ, JPZ, UUP, FXY)

60 Minutes: California Unemployment + UNDERemployment is 22% (U6), Thoughts On Economy

Niall Ferguson vs. Keynes, US Steel on Manufacturing Crisis, Cotton Makes New High - powerLINKS (10/24/2010)

Ashraf Laidi Gives Update on USD/JPY, EUR/USD, G20 Meeting, Carter Worth on Market Technicals (BNN)

H&R Block (HRB) Option Volatility, CDS Spike on Put-Backs, RALs (Refund Anticipation Loans)

List of Government Bond Yields, Credit Spreads, Volatility Indexes

Is a Market Turn In the U.S. Dollar Getting Close? - Guest Post (Charts)

John Hussman Thinks Quantitative Easing (QE) is Priced In

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Violent French Protests Against Pension Reform Bill Affects Fuel Supply

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Zuckerberg Talks About Facebook Movie (Video), Added a 2005 Interview at Facebook Offices

Financial Crusades: PIMCO, NY Fed, Blackrock Sue Bank of America, BofA Sues FDIC, Chicago Home Loan Bank Sues BofA

Chris Whalen on Property Tax, Foreclosure, MBS Note Crises (Video)

Steve Jobs Mentions Google and Android During Q3 Earnings Call

Nasdaq 100 is Leading the Market, Watching 2,050 Support (NDZ, NDX, QQQQ, XLK)

S&P Flash Crash Part 2? NYSE Cancels Large SPY Trades During After Hours

Links: Mauldin on Mortgages, Goldman's Outlook, Big Mac Index (Yuan Undervalued by 41%), Cotton at 140 Year High

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Peter Schiff: Creating Inflation Will Not Solve Unemployment Problem

Weekly Geopolitical Summary, 14 October 2010 - Guest Post

Bernanke Speech at Boston Fed: Monetary Policy in a Low-Inflation Environment (10/15/2010)

Gary Shilling: Home Prices to Fall 20%, Likes 30y Bond and Cash (Sees Decade of Slow Growth and Deflation)

Justin Bieber vs. Alan Greenspan on Housing Bust (Jimmy Fallon Video)

Bond ETF Technical Update: TLT, LQD, HYG, IEF (TLT Broke Ascending Channel, 100 is Critical)

Bank Repos Hit Record of 102,134 in September (RealtyTrac, Sharga Interview)

Cotton ETN $BAL Up 63% in 3 Mos, Cotton Price Inflation Hits China

Zuckerberg on the Facebook/Microsoft Bing Social Search Partnership (Video, 10/13/2010)

NY Fed Buying $32 Billion of Treasuries/TIPS From 10/15 to 11/8 (Schedule and TLT Chart)

Animated Gold Market Update! Mr. T on Bloomberg and GLD Chart from 2005

Swiss Finish Sets New Standard for Global Bank Regulation - Guest Post (Credit Suisse/UBS)

Marc Faber on Bonds, Stocks, US Dollar, Interest Rates and Commodities (10/12/2010)

Federal Reserve Minutes From 9/21/2010

More: Sovereign Default Swaps, French Strikes, Housing, Buffett, Google Car, Gold, LionsGate/MGM, MS/GS Profit Estimates

Reads: China Hikes Bank Reserve Ratio, Rail Traffic, Ireland Debt, VIX/VXV, Kathy Lien on USD, Office/Industrial Vacancy Rates (CBRE)

David Tice Likes Silver, Gold and Miners But Not Stocks (CNBC Video 10/11/2010)

Soros Sees 2011 Global Slowdown; Optimistic on Greece (CNBC Video)

60 Minutes Looks at High Frequency Trading (Must See Videos)

SPY/SLV Double Dip is Here, SPY/GLD Next? ($SPX, $INDU Silver, Gold Ratios)

USDA World Crop Price Projections Rise, Corn at 2 Year High (USDA Price Table, USDX/CZ Chart)

NY Fed's Brian Sack on Asset Prices and Balance Sheet Policy 10/4

Jim Rogers Interview on 10/6/2010 (Protect Yourself With Hard Assets)

Soros: Treasury Yields Could Follow JGB Yields Lower, Renminbi Appreciation is Wild Card (Columbia Speech)

Tourism Resorts and Oil Exploration in the Caspian Sea - Guest Post

Jon Stewart Takes Jab at Foreclosure Robo-Signing Crisis, Catch 22 (Video)

Large XLK December 20-23 Put Spread at Resistance, $7.6 Million Net Debit

Chris Whalen: Less Than 1/4 the Way Through Foreclosure Process (AEI Presentation)

Karl Denninger on Dylan Ratigan Show Talking Foreclosure Fraud, State AGs Across the Country Lash Out at Banks

Marengo Mining Raises C$20M For Yandera Project (MRN, Copper)

USD/JPY's Descending Travels Continue, Pierced Pre-Intervention Support (at 82.786, Chart)

Hugh Hendry is Short Cheap Japanese Industrial Credits Using CDS

Hussman: Market is Overvalued With Economy Slowing (10/3)

Reads: Brian Sack, Hatzius Scenarios, Gary Shilling Housing Update

The Gas Cartel Idea: On the Road to Another OPEC? - Guest Post

Sell Mercedes, Put Gold Rims on Tractor; Jim Rogers on Commodities and Stocks (CNBC Video)

Sheila Bair of FDIC: Beware of Bond Bubble, Interest Rate Risk!

$USDJPY Bouncing Around Support Lows In Descending Channel, What If USDX Rallies

JPM's Lee Bullish on October, Kass, QQQ Pullback, U.S. Auto Sales, Stiglitz on Euro, Rosenberg on Q4 GDP

Bernanke's Speech on Fiscal Challenges (Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council)

$LQD in Rising Wedge Around 2003 Peak (10y Yield, C0A0 Spread)

Overnight Charts: E-mini S&P -0.6%, Nikkei Future -1.3%, Yen Rallies Back