Financial Links - Jeff Gundlach, David Einhorn, Illinois, EUR/USD, Spain, China (1/12/2010)

Jeff Gundlach’s Doubleline Presentation: Must Read "Bonds, 2011 Bonds", 1/1/2011 (Stone Street Advisors)

An Exclusive Interview With Green Light Capital's David Einhorn (Motley Fool)

David Einhorn - Federal Reserve’s Policies are Quite Dangerous (KingWorldNews)

China’s Chongqing Plans Tax for Used Homes, CCTV Says (Bloomberg) h/t Nuibi

Illinois Lawmakers pass income tax hike; Rep. collapses on Senate floor (Chicago Sun Times)

"Illinois lawmakers OK 66% income-tax increase in budget crisis. The rate increase from 3% to 5% will generate about $6.8 billion a year. A taxpayer who used to owe $1,000 would owe $1,666 instead." (AP / LA Times)

JP Morgan chief investment officer says EUR to drop to USD 1.20 by end-Aug - (hat tip Ran Squawk/Zero Hedge)

Euro May Fail if Spanish Economy Collapses, Nobel Winner Pissarides Says (Bloomberg)

Japan May Buy More Euro Bonds to Help Region, Officials Say (Bloomberg)

Spanish Bank Debt Costs Spur Doubt on Ability to Sustain Profit (BusinessWeek)

German Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in Two Decades in 2010 (Bloomberg)

Portugal Borrowing Costs Fall at Auction as Bailout Speculation Diminishes (Bloomberg)

St. Joe’s ($JOE) Accounting for Real Estate Impairment to Get the ‘Informal’ SEC Inquiry Treatment (Going Concern)

JGB CDSs are rising. See quotes and charts: JGB CDS USD SR 5Y and JGB CDS USD SR 10Y (h/t dutch book). *JGB CDS = Japanese Government Bond Credit Default Swaps