Google's Marissa Mayer On Location, Social, Groupon (Interview Videos)

Marissa Mayer, VP of Consumer Products at Google, was interviewed by Media Beat ( She talked about contextual discovery, Google Places (location), the Groupon bid, their own technology, startups inside of Google and their social push. With Facebook stealing the spotlight (worth $50 Billion now) and Groupon recently declining Google's $6 billion bid (worth 7.8 billion now?), you haven't seen the end of Google. They just haven't "gotten social media right yet". Marissa Mayer regarding Google Buzz.

"One of the things that we’ve learned is that Google hasn’t gotten social right yet. That said, social is really important; it’s something that we’re working very hard on."

"I think that we will get it right. I think that if you look at some of the main platforms of the Web, it’s search, video, mobile and social. We’ve done really well in three out of those four, and we’re working very hard on the fourth." (via mediabistro)

I bet Google makes social and location-based marketing/coupons more interesting and smarter on mobile devices going forward. The Microsoft/Facebook collabo and Groupon could be a decent fight. What side does Twitter take? Below I was able to embed video #2 on social. Here's a link to video #1 on the failed Groupon bid.

Marissa Mayer: ‘Google Hasn’t Gotten Social Right Yet’ (Source)

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