Market and Economic Forecasts For 2011 (Oil, Housing, Stocks, Rates)

More 2011 forecasts for your enjoyment. Continued from my previous post on 12/19 (2011 S&P Forecasts 1250 to 1450, 10y Yield, EPS and GDP) and 12/31 (Biggs, Gerson, Levkovich, SocGen).

*Marc Faber’s January 2011 Outlook, Correction Imminent - Wall Street Pit

*Goldman's Key Charts To Kick Off 2011 - Zero Hedge

*2011 and an arbitrary point of reflection - Stone Street Advisors (Dutch_Book)

*2010 Intermarket Relationship Charts with the SP500 - Afraid to Trade (Corey Rosenbloom)

*A Fed-Induced Speculative Blowoff - John Hussman (HussmanFunds)

*Top 11 Trends of 2011 by Gerald Celente - Trends Journal

Albert Edwards, SocGen bear, takes a bite out of China -

*Keep Ahead of the Herd in 2011 - Elliott Wave International

*Oil Predictions for 2011 - Chris Jarvis ($120 doable) vs John Kilduff (bearish) - CNBC Video

*Happy New Year from The North Sea. Or, Secrecy By Complexity (Oil) -

*UBS: Short-Term Picture Intact but Clouds Gathering (Hindenburg Omen) - Hedge Analyst (12/21)

*Gary Shilling: And Now House Prices Will Now Drop Another 20% - Business Insider

*Peter Schiff: Home Prices Are Still Too High (looks at historical trend line) - WSJ

*The Long View by Decision Point (technical analysis) - PragCap

*A New Year brings new economic headwinds by Hedgeye - Fortune Magazine

More 2011 trends to watch by Doug Kass (Seabreeze Partners) and Josh Brown (Fusion Analytics) and see reader submitted charts on 2010 energy data at TheOilDrum. If there are more forecasts please put a title and link to the report or blog post in the comment section. Good luck!