Stocks Near Top Says Market Timer Tom DeMark, Sees 11% Fall

Tom DeMark, creator of the DeMark Indicators at Market Studies, told Bloomberg on 1/18 that stocks are near a top. He currently serves as "special advisor" to Steven Cohen who runs the $12 billion hedge fund SAC Capital. The Bloomberg article said Cohen and John Burbank of Passport Capital were partners in the firm. Protect yourself! From Bloomberg:
U.S. stocks are within a week of “a significant market top” that is likely to precede a drop of at least 11 percent in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, said Tom DeMark, creator of a set of market-timing indicators.

DeMark’s Sequential and Combo indicators, designed to identify market tops and bottoms, are giving a sell signal on the main U.S. stock benchmark for the first time since mid-2007, he said in a telephone interview." [read more at Bloomberg]

Benzinga interviewed Tom DeMark on 5/20/2010.