Big West Texas Intermediate/Brent Crude Price Differential (Gregor Macdonald on StockTwitsTV, Chart)

Look at the price differentials between West Texas Intermediate Crude (April 2011: $91.56) and Brent Crude (April 2011: $103.55) futures. Click the chart to your left. Find quotes and charts of energy futures at WTIC delivers light sweet crude oil in Cushing, Oklahoma while Brent uses light sweet crude from the North Sea (shipped from Sullom Voe in the Shetland Islands off of the UK- source). Given the enormous spread, there's probably an arbitrage opportunity somewhere using the futures contracts.

Gregor Macdonald, oil analyst at, was on StockTwits TV explaining the spread and what refiners were doing. I embedded the video below and a table of the WTIC/Brent Crude price spread through September, 2011. Who is going to corner the spread? They can store oil in tanks on vacant land.

Month (2011)West Texas Intermediate Crude OilBrent Crude OilDifferential

Source: via StockTwits TV/Market Shrinkology 2/15/2011