Morgan Stanley Research on Tablet Demand, Disruption (Video, PDF Link)

via Wikimedia Commons
Morgan Stanley's Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Equipment Team released an extensive blue paper on tablet demand. I embedded the "Morgan Stanley North American Equity Morning Meeting" video featuring Kathryn Huberty (IT Hardware), Adam Holt (Software) Mark Lipacis (Semiconductors) and Francois Meunier (Technology) discussing the blue paper.
"Tablet Demand and Disruption, Mobile Users Come of Age

"Tablet demand is still underappreciated: shipments could reach 100 million by 2012, in our bull case scenario. A series of proprietary surveys covering more than 8,000 consumers and 50 chief information officers suggest that tablets are accelerating the adoption of the mobile internet. Our data yielded several surprises: 1) two-thirds of companies expect to allow tablets on their networks within a year; 2) consumer interest in tablets is even greater outside of the US, and 3) users are moving beyond web surfing, email, games, video, and applications to content creation. Tablets are additive to the broader computing market, and we see more beneficiaries than challenged companies." (read the full report at
Printing companies and PCs better watch out. Slide 9 is titled: Printing: Underappreciated Cannibalization Story.

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