E-Mini S&P Future -0.73% at 1,291.75 Pre-Open 3/14/2011 (Chart)

After the earthquake and tsunami destroyed Japan, the E-mini S&P June Future is down 0.73% at 1,291.75 pre-open on Monday. Read my posts linked below for more information on the charts. The market could test lower levels if it can't hold this shelf. It already took out the uptrend line. Also check out the MACD, Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (chart school). It measures momentum using moving averages. It could bust through the centerline. I also chart out futures at barchart.com and cmegroup.com.

Interesting news: Stifel cuts Toll Brothers to sell from hold (TOL) (MarketWatch).

E-mini S&P June Future - ESM11 9-months
(courtesy OptionsXpress)

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