Japan Market Watch: USD/JPY, Nikkei 225 Future Charts, JGB Links

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange (Wikimedia/Stéfan)
With volatility running wild in the Japanese markets after the earthquake/tsunami hit, keep an eye on the Nikkei 225 Index Future (via Singapore Exchange), USD/JPY and JGB rates (Japanese Government Bonds). Most of the time money breaks news faster than the media (watch NHK World in English with #fukushima tweet stream). If you're worried about the fate of Japan and the radiation threat from Fukushima, monitor these charts as another source.

Being a contrarian on Japan's lost, deflationary decades, has to work out at some point. On Yahoo's Breakout yesterday, Marc Faber called Japan "a lifetime buying opportunity" once the correction ends (10-15% downside and 100-200% upside). It will be hard to time, but a good guide will be to watch the long term structure of the Nikkei chart. Did the recent black swan event bring the lifetime buying opportunity closer to (or further from) reality? For example, "Analysis: Japan heading back into recession" (Susumu Kato, Credit Agricole via Reuters h/t StockJockey). Or will another external event, China for example, affect Japanese equities and credits. See Hugh Hendry's CDS betsKyle Bass, hedge fund manager at Hayman Capital, also has interesting views on JGBs, the Yen and Japanese stocks. The charts below are courtesy of ForexPros and FuturesPros.com. Links to JGB rates point to Bloomberg.com.

USD/JPY (US Dollar/Japanese Yen 30 Minute Chart)
Just crashed to the 1995 low! (hit a low of 76.4 yesterday)

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SGX Nikkei 225 Index Futures CFDs

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Links to Japanese Government Bond Yields at Bloomberg.com

Japan 3-Month Bill Yield
Japan 2-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 5-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 10-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 20-Year Government Bond Yield
Japan 30-Year Government Bond Yield