Jim Rogers on Japan, Buffett on Social, Shiller on Farmland, Bartels on S&P, FCIC Interviews

I find interesting blog posts and articles everyday on Twitter (@dvolatility) and Google. They are mainly analyst notes or views by hedge fund managers and economists. I thought I'd post the most informative links on this post. I linked to FCIC interviews (and transcripts) with Michael Burry, John Paulson, David Einhorn and William Black at the bottom.

NYSE - via CarmelBuds
Buy Japan Stocks: Jim Rogers - CNBC Video (3/30/2011)

Buffett Says Social-Networking Sites Overpriced Ahead of Public Offerings - Bloomberg

Foreclosure Backlog Hits 30 Months, Average Delinquency Period 537 Days (Option Arm Cliff Arrives) - Zero Hedge

‘Shadow Inventory’ of U.S. Homes Totals Nine-Month Supply (CoreLogic) - Bloomberg

David Rosenberg On QE3 ETA - Zero Hedge

Mary Bartels BofA: S&P 500 Could Drop 9.9% Before Resuming Rise (1,400 Target) - Bloomberg, VideoZero Hedge (chart)

Passport Capital's John Burbank Interview (resource scarcity, oil prices, Saudi Arabia) - Bloomberg Video

Chart: S&P Case-Shiller index on home prices in 20 key cities declines for seventh month in a row - St. Louis Fed

Video Interview with Seth Klarman in 2009 - ValueWalk

Consuelo Mack Interview with Niall Ferguson - ValueWalk

GARY SHILLING: And Now House Prices Will Drop Another 20% (charts) - Business Insider

Robert Shiller: Farmland is a Bubble Candidate - ProjectSyndicate/Farmland Index Chart

Goldman, BofA Merrill warn U.S. economy is losing momentum - LA Times

The Muni Bond Crisis That Isn't Happening (Local vs. State Tax revenue chart) - PragCap

Saudi scrambles to maintain spare oil capacity - Reuters

1.8M 'distressed' homes could weigh on home prices for years - USA Today

Pricing The Risks In Japan - Macrofugue

Video Interview With Berkshire Hathaway’s Ajit Jain Via New Delhi Television - RationalWalk

St. Louis Fed has charts of Bank of America/Merrill Corporate Bond Option-Adjusted Spreads - St. Louis Fed

Why Japanese equities will continue to dissappoint investors - ArabianMoney

Manhattan, Inc. - June 1989: How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street and the World Economy by Michael Lewis - StoneStreetAdvisors

FCIC Interviews

Michael Burry’s Testimony Before The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission - Transcript, MP3

David Einhorn Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Interview - Transcript, MP3

John Paulson’s Testimony Before The FCIC - Transcript, MP3

William (Bill) Black (University of Missouri) FCIC Interview - MP3 1, 2