Links: French-U.S.-UK Fire Missiles at Libya, Yemen-Syria Protests, Saudi-Bahrain-Iran Conflicts, Gaza-Israel

Geopolitical Headlines: Middle East/North Africa Edition - ending 3/19/2011 (curated by Dvolmeme). Warning: Intense link-fest.

Libya (now in war)

Gaddafi Threatens Attacks In Mediterranean - SkyNews
Fighter Jet Shot Down in Benghazi - Russia Today Video
Libya state television says 48 killed, 150 wounded in allied air strikes - @Reuters
French fighter jets fire the first shots at Gaddafi's forces (pics) -
British and French jets over Libya. US, UK ships fire 112 Tomahawks - DEBKAfile
Libya Hit by Coalition Missiles, Air Raids as Qaddafi Decries ‘Crusaders’ - Bloomberg
Libya: British forces launch missile attacks on Gaddafi - The Telegraph

Saudi Arabia / Yemen / Bahrain

Yemen opposition activists clash with police - Al Jazeera
45 protesters killed in Yemen (Sanaa) -
Yemen declares 'state of emergency' (video, 3/18/2011) -snipers shooting protesters- Al Jazeera
Bahrain and Yemen declare war on their protesters - The Independent
Saudi Arabian intervention in Bahrain driven by visceral Sunni fear of Shias - Guardian
Saudi Arabia forces intervene in Yemen - PressTV

For more info on Saudi Arabia's Bahrain intervention and cash handouts, go here with the #saudi tweet stream.


Iran protesters stone Saudi consulate : report AFP - France24
Iran calls on Saudi Arabia, UAE to leave Bahrain "immediately" - Xinhuanet
Iran launches fighter jet squadron: report (aerial parade in the next two weeks) - Xinhuanet
'Saudi regime bound to collapse' - PressTV


SYRIA: Security forces reportedly unleash tear gas on mourners after week of unrest - LA Times
Syrian Police Attack Mourners - NY Times
Video: Syrian Revolution Protests in Dar'aa on 18th March 2011 p1 - Youtube


Palestinians: Hamas official killed, 4 injured in IDF strike -
Armed men attack Reuters Gaza bureau - Reuters
Israel vows to avenge Gaza mortar barrage - Jerusalem Post
50 mortar shells fired into Israel, 2 injured - Jerusalem Post
Hamas attacked Israel fearing Palestinian reconciliation - Haaretz

This went down a few days ago. If I'm missing an attack, by either side, comment a link.

Military action if Iran sanctions fail: Netanyahu - Reuters (3/17/2011)
Israeli jets bomb target in Gaza; 2 dead -, Reuters (3/16/2011)
Israel seizes ship with Iran arms for Gaza-Netanyahu - Reuters (3/15/2011)
Palestinian unity rally in Gaza ends in violence - Reuters (3/15/2011)

Watch this volatile region and oil prices... How about some world peace?