Video: Tsunamis Hit Japan After 8.9 Earthquake, Fukushima Nuclear Plant Affected (Updates)

Tsunami wave that hit Japan
Multiple tsunamis hit Japan, northeast of Tokyo, after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck a few hours ago. I saw it live on NHK World in Japan (see videos below). It was surreal. There are tsunami warnings or advisories now in effect for Hawaii, California, Alaska etc. Go to * Tsunami Warnings or for information. You can watch NHK World live in English below after the jump via Ustream. DV hopes people are alright in Japan.

Fukushima via EPA/Tokyo Electric Power
More information and links: National Weather Service Tsunami Warnings, Earthquake.USGS.GovJapan Meteorological Agency, West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, Hawaii State Civil Defense, 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami (Google Response). I also embedded Youtube videos of the tsunami. Below is a live twitter search widget for #Japan. The Fukushima nuclear power plant (Tokyo Electric Power - TEPCO: press releases) was damaged by the earthquake and there's risk of a meltdown. Read the articles below. Also check out live #fukushima and #tsunami, #earthquake twitter searches.

Updates (ending 3/12/2011)
Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant (ScientificAmerican)
US Nuclear Experts Worry About Possible Japan Reactor Meltdown (VOA News)
Japan Faces ‘Another Leg Down’ in Fiscal Health as Earthquake Toll Mounts (Bloomberg)
US deploys nuclear experts to Japan to avoid meltdowns at 2 nuclear stations (DiscoveryNews)
Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant faces new reactor problem, Fukushima Daiichi No. 3 (Reuters)
Health risk from Japan reactor seems quite low: World Health Organization (WHO, Reuters UK)
The ¥4.3 Trillion Japanese Government Earthquake Liability Cap: Mechanics Of Japanese Earthquake Re-Insurance (Zero Hedge)
"4.4million homes without electricity, 1.4million with no water, 820k phonelines down" (Al Jazeera Blog)
The Destructive Power of Tsunami Waves (New York Times)
Japan nuclear mishap 'among worst ever' (SkyNews)
Explosion Rocks Japan Nuclear Plant After Quake (NYT) -CNN video below
9,500 in one town are unaccounted for -Kyodo (CNN)
Japan warns of meltdown at quake-hit nuclear reactor (MarketWatch)
More than 1,000 dead or unaccounted for in megaquake (Kyodo News)
20-meter displacement in 500-km fault seen as cause of Japan quake (Kyodo News)
Japan quake causes emergencies at 5 nuke reactors (AP)
Nuclear Expert: "Fukushima Has 24 Hours To Avoid A Core Meltdown Scenario" (Zero Hedge)
Snap analysis: Japan may have hours to prevent nuclear meltdown (Reuters)
Japan nuclear plant conditions worsening, local media reports (LA Times)

NHK World Live in English (via Ustream here)

Footage of the tsunami in Japan via NHK World, ANN, Russia Today

Mar 11, 2011 M9.0 Tsunami hits Sendai City in Japan Live - Part1 in HD

Damage to the port town of #Minamisanriku (city was swept away) (Youtube Video)

福島第一原発 爆発の瞬間 Explosion at Fukushima nuclear plant (Youtube Video)

Amateur video footage during the earthquake (The Telegraph)

Also look at the crack the earthquake made (courtesy @jefferrrson on TwitPic)

Another Tsunami photo