Libya Unrest, Saudis Protest Arrest of Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Amer (Videos, Tweet Reaction)

I'm reading that Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Amer was calling for a constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia and got arrested. That's why people are protesting. According to PressTV, it was organized on Facebook. There is also a protest planned for March 11. Today there was violence in Libya, as rebels clashed with Gaddafi's forces in Zawiyah (outside of Tripoli).

Keep an eye on the Middle East, Libya, Egypt and oil prices. If serious geopolitical volatility spikes, gold and possibly the U.S. Dollar could see a safe haven rush (imo). Right now oil is up 2.54% at $104.50, gold is up 0.92% at $1,429 and the S&P 500 is down 1.34% at $1,313. GLD and GDX calls are active relative to puts at the ISE. See videos of the peaceful protests in Saudi Arabia after the jump via Zero Hedge. Below the videos I embedded live reactions from twitter on #libya and #saudiarabia in streaming search widgets. I recommend you follow @SultanAlQassemi, @AlArabiya_Eng, @AJEnglish and @AbdulHamidAhmad (GulfNews) on twitter for news.

Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Amer Jailed again (Rasid News Network)

Anti-govt. protests held in Saudi Arabia (

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The royal house is rattled too (Economist)

*UPDATE: "Saudi Arabia is drafting in up to 10,000 security forces to the north eastern Muslim Shia provinces ahead of mass protests planned next week." (

Libya News

"@REUTERSFLASH:‎ At least 30 civilians killed by pro-Gaddafi forces after attack on Zawiyah - Residents"

Fighting rages in Libya's east, 30 civilians killed (Al-Jazeera)