Muni, Corporate Bond Index Yields, Spreads, Nikkei VIX, Hang Seng VIX (Links)

The St. Louis Fed added BofA/Merrill Lynch Corporate Bond Indexes (US Corporate Master and High Yield Master II) and Bond Buyer GO 20 Municipal Bond Indexes to its FRED databases:

Corporate bond effective yields (BofA/ML)
Corporate bond option-adjusted spreads (BofA/ML)
Corporate bond yields (Moody's) -already in the database
Municipal bond yields (Bond Buyer)

I found the NIKKEI Volatility Index on (VNKY.IND). I couldn't find it during the Japanese crisis. Here is a chart; look at the spike.

NIKKEI Volatility Index (Source: Bloomberg)

There is now a volatility index for the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong using CBOE VIX methodology.
"The new HSI Volatility Index (VHSI) will reflect expected equity market volatility over the next 30 days, using bid/ask quotes for Hang Seng Index options traded on the derivatives market of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited to calculate a weighted average of the implied volatility of the options using the proprietary VIX methodology owned by CBOE." (CBOE)

From HKEx:
"HSI Volatility Index (VHSI)

Real-time display of HSI Volatility Index (VHSI)* is now available on HKEx website homepage for public reference. VHSI measures expectations of volatility or fluctuations in price of the Hang Seng Index and is published by Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited (HSIL).

*Please select HSI Volatility Index from the pull down box of Market Index on the top right hand side of the homepage." ( - see the HSI Volatility Index page)

Also read this at China Daily ClipsLocal volatility index may herald the rise of market volatility-based financial products. Hopefully VHSI will pop up on soon.