Updates: Gold, Silver, S&P, Treasuries, Munis, Greece, Housing, Fed (5/4/2011-5/9/2011)

Links to articles and videos on gold, silver, equities, munis, Treasuries, housing, Greece, EU rates and Fed governors.

Interview with Jim Rogers: Why Gold Can Go Higher (TheStreet.com) 5/9/2011

Deutsche Bank To Invest $1 Billion In Oil And Gold For John Paulson (ClusterStock) 5/9/2011

Kass: Sell the Rallies (TheStreet.com) 5/9/2011

Treasury Volatility Approaching Four-Year Low as Bonds Rally at End of QE2 (Bloomberg) 5/9/2011

Moody's Mulls Greece Downgrade On Debt, Recovery Concerns (WSJ) 5/9/2011

S&P cuts Greek credit rating to B (Financial Times) 5/9/2011 -EUR/USD is selling off; currently at 1.43581.

EU eyes lower rates for Greece, Ireland amid chaos (Reuters, CNBC Video)

Morgan Stanley Follows Goldman, Downgrades Economy (Zero Hedge) 5/8/2011

BOJ Warns Monetization May Lead To Severe Inflation, Rise In Long-Term Interest Rates; Yet Will Buy ¥350 Billion In Bonds (Zero Hedge) 5/8/2011

*Goldman Sachs Chief Equity Strategist David Kostin kept his 1,500 target on the S&P despite a H2 2011 GDP downgrade by GS economists (click the links to read more at Zero Hedge)

*And JP Morgan's Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, Thomas Lee, last week raised his 2011 target on the S&P to 1,475 (DistressedVolatility)

Paper vs Real: Exit From Normal, Ecological Economics, and Probabilistic Regimes in One Chart (30-year Treasury bond/Reuters CRB CCI Commodity Index) (Gregor.us) 5/7/2011

*Soros and Paulson move in opposite directions as gold declines (Guardian) 5/6/2011

Fed Still ‘Considerable Way’ From U.S. Economic Goals, Bank’s Dudley Says (Bloomberg) 5/6/2011

Gross Says Growth Insufficient to Sustain Jobs: Tom Keene (Bloomberg) 5/6/2011

PIMCO would only buy Treasuries on recession risk (Reuters) 5/6/2011

*Paulson And Soros Disagree Over Gold (Institutional Investor) 5/5/2011

U.S. home prices double dip as West, South and Northeast regions fall prey to the last grip of winter. (Clear Capital) 5/5/2011

Rosengren Says Job Growth Too Slow to Remove Stimulus: Video (Bloomberg) 5/5/2011

Meredith Whitney Defends Her Prediction of ‘Hundreds of Billions’ in Muni Defaults (at Milken Conference) (Bloomberg.com, 2011 Milken Conference video)

*Soros Has Begun Dumping Gold And Silver, While John Paulson Says Gold Will Go To $4,000 (Business Insider) 5/4/2011

Billionaire Carlos Slim's mining group upped bet against silver in Q1 (Reuters) 5/4/2011

Carlos Slim Actively Selling Silver Futures: Spokesperson (CNBC) 5/4/2011